Snooze detective: 8 easy-to-spot signs your toddler is tired

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Toddlers are delightful little creatures, but they’re also super challenging at times. You’ll be pleased to know that while some of that challenging behaviour is about learning to be a human out in the world, a lot of it is just straight-up needing a nap!

Here’s eight toddler tiredness cues that might help you spot the exact right time to ready your child for a snooze. Godspeed, exhausted mums and dads (and toddlers!)

1. Clinginess

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If you've got a little monkey who won't unwrap themselves from your leg, or is begging to be carried or cuddled, this is very often a sign that they're getting tired. Toddlers know when they're not feeling up to par, so hanging onto Mum or Dad seems a step in the direction of feeling better, in their eyes. Ease your clingy child down for a sleep sooner, rather than later, so they don't get overtired and hard to settle.


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