15 sleep tips for toddlers who wake in the night

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So your toddler is no longer a wee baby who wakes for feeds in the night? Yippee! That means you are all ‘sleeping through’ now, right? Well, not necessarily.

A whopping 41 per cent of tots aged under three still wake during the night, so you are definitely not alone if your little one has decided she’d like to be included in this statistic!

Still, if you are quietly going insane from the chronic sleep deprivation, there are some things you can do to help everyone get some more zzz’s. Try these ideas and fingers crossed they’ll help you and your little night owl drift off to sleep all night long.

Early to bed

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Did you know your toddler has his deepest sleep between the hours of 8pm and 12pm? This means if he’s partying past 8pm, he may not be getting enough sleep and not getting enough sleep can make him wake more in the night. Try an earlier bedtime, say 7 or 7.30pm.


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