10 reasons why toddlers are the best!

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Yes, they can drive you mad. They’re noisy, curious, have zero sense of danger, and can turn a simple shopping trip into a tear-stained disaster. But when all is said and done, toddlers are the best. They’re still cute as they were when they were babies, yet old enough to actually communicate with you. From their outrageous fashion to their contagious giggles, toddlers have a certain something going on that makes life so much brighter.

Even on those hardest days, you’re always going to enjoy the perks that come with toddlers. Despite their challenging ways, you’ve just gotta love them.

Here are ten reasons why toddlers are the best.

1. They’re still babies. Sort of.

Your growing toddler might be heading towards preschooler zone, but he still loves to be picked up and held close. And after a long day, feeling those little arms tight around your neck can be just what you need to keep going. 

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2. Their words come thick and fast

Once your toddler starts talking, you get to have actual conversations with them and discover more about the little person they’re becoming. You also get to have lots of fun teaching them new words and hearing their first attempts. Oh, and teaching them to say your real name? Funniest thing ever.

3. Their commitment to the cause

When a toddler wants something, he’ll stop at nothing until he gets it. He will come to you with his request, listen to your response and then simply repeat his question. Over and over and over. You’ve got to hand it to them for their dogged determination. Imagine if we went round refusing to take no for an answer?

toddler hug

4. Cuteness in bucket loads

Toddlers still have all their baby cuteness from the earlier years. From those impossibly big eyes and soft downy hair to those white toothy grins, it’s hard not to melt just looking at them. It’s enough to make you forgive any behaviour they throw at you (and I reckon Mother Nature designed them that way on purpose).

5. Watching them learn

Toddlers are like big sponges, ready to absorb everything around them. They are literally a clean slate, ready to accept whatever you want to teach them about the world. Watch those eyes grow wide as you explain what a fire engine does, or what all those ants are carrying back to their nest. Can you imagine seeing the world through their eyes?


6. Their enthusiasm for mundane things

Toddlers get excited over the littlest things, which is fortunate when you’re too tired to offer much more than a walk around the block. Stomping on crunchy leaves, waving at big trucks or pouring water from container to container in the bath will keep them going for ages.

7. Making up after tantrums

The tantrum bit itself isn’t so fun, but the cuddles that come afterwards are nice. Helping soothe your toddler’s little sobs and snuggling together on the couch while you both decompress after a big tantrum whirlwind reminds you how tough the world can be for a little person, and how much you’re needed to help them understand it.

Toddler in costume



8. Their unwavering confidence

Toddlers couldn’t give two hoots what others think of them. Wearing fancy dress-up to the supermarket or parading the streets with facepaint is no biggie. Even better, people love seeing toddlers dressed up and having fun – who can resist a little Superman or Emma Wiggle out-and-about?

9. They’re ready for play. Anytime.

A toddler is always ready for play and needs little to get a good make-believe game started. A tea-towel becomes the ideal cape and a sheet over a table: epic fort. They don’t mind who they play with, either, and have no qualms when it comes befriending new little friends they meet at the playground.

10. They make clothes work

Toddlers are at that age where everything you put on them is ridiculously cute, and if you’re lucky, they’ll still let you pick out their clothes for them. They just might change their outfits eighteen times a day. Still, everything looks really cute though.


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