Mum shares brilliantly basic remedy for toddler teething pain

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If you’ve ever had to care for a teething toddler, you’ll know that it can be a relentless and grizzle-filled endeavour. Not to mention how the poor little one is behaving.

Keep it simple

One mum and her toddler had endured a full day of this sort of discomfort and distress. Taking to popular parenting forum on Reddit, this mum explained that nothing seemed to help her daughter feel better or ease her sore gums.

“I tried a popsicle, frozen green bean, and frozen washcloth. [She] didn’t want anything to do with those,” she explains, noting that her daughter was so miserable she wouldn’t even eat her lunch.

“In a panic, I grabbed a piece of bread and handed it to her. And now she’s happy eating it walking around the house. Talking away and giving Mommy kisses.”

It might sound like a simple solution, but it’s the little things that count when your nerves are frayed from a full day of grizzle.

“I don’t know why, but that slice of bread saved me today,” this mum confirms, keen to share this easy remedy in case it helped another family.”It’s definitely going to be a go to for me when all else fails.”

Best thing since …

Other parents thought this was a pretty hilariously simple fix, with some revealing their own kids also knew that a slab of carbs made all the difference to their mood – and sore gums.

“Bread is my go-to when my toddler suddenly ‘doesn’t like’ foods that she’d have happily scoffed the day before,” one noted. “If I can tell she is just being fussy then bread and butter is what she has. Kids are so weird but whatever keeps them happy and with a full tummy I guess!”

“Oh my gosh, I’ve done the exact same thing with my 16-month-old! My husband was so confused and I was like, ‘dude it worked. Don’t question it’,” another mum commented.

“My twins love plain old bread straight out of the bag but it turns out “toast” is another story,” someone else explained.

Another mum noted that this summed up mum life perfectly.

“God I relate to this so much. I feel like parenting a baby is giving them random things until you finally get it right.”

I think we know where the expression ‘best thing since sliced bread’ came from.

Note: It’s obviously important to supervise your toddler if they are wandering about eating.


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