Having toddler troubles? Our new parenting workshop’s got the experts to help

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Toddler tantrums, sleep issues and fussy eating sound familiar? Our first Tackling The Toddler Years workshop on Sunday 9 September will tackle these issues head-on with insightful advice from our favourite experts.

It’s at the Establishment in the Sydney CBD and tickets are just $49 (including lunch and refreshments!). Be quick, they’re selling fast – buy yours now via Eventbrite

The day is designed to troubleshoot all aspect of toddler behaviour – check out the full program now. The sessions include:

Toddler Wrangling: Tips For Tackling Challenging Behaviour – with Stephanie Wicker

Tantrums and tears, the terrible twos and threenagers are just some of the things parents face in the toddler years. This session will help you teach your child how to stay within boundaries, and learn what to do when they don’t.

Stephanie Wicker is an early childhood behaviour expert, parenting educator and counsellor of over 15 years. 

Troubleshooting Toddler Sleep Issues – with Jo Ryan

So many questions about sleep, so few answers. How much sleep do toddlers need? What’s the best routine? What are night terrors? This talk will cover common challenges and offer effective solutions to get the best night sleep for everyone.

Jo Ryan is a child sleep expert, with a background in paediatric nursing for nearly 20 years. Her book Babybliss is the must-have guide to sleeping, settling and establishing routines for your baby. 

Watch Them Grow: Understanding your Toddler’s Development with Anthony Semann

What makes toddlers really tick? Your toddler wants to push the boundaries on every level and it’s exciting to watch them develop new skills. This session will help to explain their new behaviour and outline what you can expect through the toddler years.

Anthony Semann is a presenter, researcher and regular conference speaker who specialises in early childhood.

How to Survive the Fussy Eating Years with Dr Jennifer Cohen

Is meal-time becoming a battle? This interactive session will dish out vital advice on healthy and nutritional eating that provide toddlers with the fuel they need to grow and develop. Plus it will dive into the frustrating issue of fussy eating and how to win over your little one when food is being thrown on the floor!

Dr Jennifer Cohen is a paediatric dietitian and nutritionist and best known as the Fussy Eating Doctor. 

Speaker panel with all four experts

Moderated by Shevonne Hunt, this will be a toddler advice super-session with all four experts giving us their top tips for tackling the toddler years, followed by an audience Q&A.

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Tackling The Toddler Years workshop

Sunday 9 September, 9:30am-2:30pm
The Establishment Ballroom



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