Hair trigger: How to avoid family meltdowns when you brush your child’s hair

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When a mum turned to Babyology for advice, explaining her three-year-old was becoming extremely distressed when it was time to have her hair brushed, our readers raced to the rescue.

“My three-year-old absolutely HATES having her hair brushed or combed, and has a huge meltdown every time I try, “this mum told us, admitting it’s making life miserable for everyone. Here’s the brush time, tantrum-busting strategies other parents suggested.

Clip it good!

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"Buy some (bunch) pretty clips, hair ties, bows and bands. Keep them in a special bag. Bring it out when she has to get it done, and give her the choice of one each day. Tell her you will be very, very gentle, and use your hands at first. Then get a special brush covered in stickers, make it exciting. Make it fun." - Chelcie


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