8 toddler truths we should ALL be living right now

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Toddlers are the best of both worlds – innocent, inquisitive and unbelievably adorable; yet chock full of confident sass and uninhibited actions. They know what’s up with the world and I think it’s time we take a leaf out of their greasy, germ-ridden picture books. Here are 8 toddler truisms to adopt today.

1. Totally bare, don’t care

When was the last time you cruised around the backyard or beach completely naked? Talk about natural freedom and feeling the elements. Toddlers love a good strip down, skinny dip or nudie run – it feels awesome after all and is hilarious to boot!

2. Say it like it is

“I don’t like broccoli.” “My favourite colour is orange.” “Your breath smells funny.” Okay, so sometimes oversharing is NOT caring, but adults are more often than not very guilty of not saying what they really mean, hiding behind social niceties and insecurities instead. What a waste of time. Cut to the chase and tell that hairdresser to take a hike.

3. What’s yours is mine

Sure little kids have a lot to learn when it comes to possessions, but wouldn’t it be a much nicer world if we all just shared whatever we had? Peace love and mung beans baby.

little girl in basket

4. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me

When you get older it’s so hard to unsee certain things (especially the horrors happening around the world). So there’s something to be said for choosing what to see and believe. It means you’re in control and that feels great.

5. Act without fear

“I wonder how fast this slide will go …” Curiosity gets the better of toddlers and although this can be risky at times, it’s also a fantastic way to live (so long as they’re supervised!). As we grow older we become so much more fearful and it really gets in the way of a lot of things – whether it’s work, play or family related.

6. I am the shiz

Low self-esteem? Not a toddler! They’re told about 20 times a day just how precious they are. And aren’t we all?! People have WAY too little self worth or confidence these days and it’s time to turn the tables.

7. If I say it enough, I can make it happen

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Young kids know this all too well which is why they ask and ask and ask again. It works doesn’t it? Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

8. Live for each second

Modern life is just way too darn busy. One minute you’re cutting the cord and the next you’re filling in school forms (oh wait – that’s the same day if you’re opting for private school!).

Seriously though, toddlers don’t care about next Saturday. They don’t care about tonight. They care about NOW. And so should we all.

What toddler truths do you want to live right now?






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