20 times life with a toddler was anything but boring

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Let’s face it – toddlers can be walking, talking demanding terrors. But they make up for their less-than-adorable moments with the funny things they say, and by being just so darn cute.

We asked around the office to find out just what the toddlers in our lives have done to drive us up the wall. Do any of these ring true for you? We want to see what life is like with your crazy toddler, too!

Their sleeping habits can ruin your life (or make you laugh)

“My toddler fought me all day about taking a nap, until 5pm when she decided to crash on the couch in a sleep-induced coma that not even her brother’s recorder could wake her out of. Needless to say we had a late night.”

“I woke up this morning to my toddler’s grinning face and about 35 stickers all over my body. Clearly I didn’t get the memo that wake-up time was 5am.”

“My son always goes to sleep with something he finds around the house, usually a stuffed animal or a car or something. Last night he selected four tins of baked beans to take to bed with him.” 

“My daughter will only sleep if we are holding hands. All. Night. Long.”

“My two-year-old locked me in the backyard and fell asleep at the door. I had to sit outside the back door until my partner came home from work.” 

 Their reasoning is a little off the charts

“My toddler got mad at me today because I didn’t sit on the right side of the couch.”

“My one-year-old flipped it in the supermarket because I peeled her banana the wrong way. I didn’t even know there was more than one way to peel a banana.”

“I threw away a piece of rubbish. My toddler lost the plot over it.” 

“I offered to help my daughter put on her clothes. Clearly this is a criminal offence as she screamed the house down for 15 minutes.” 

Toddler tantrum tips

Two words – toilet training

“He decided that nappies were not necessary. And then he climbed into the wardrobe and went to the toilet in there.”

“My 18-month-old peed in the litter box today. I don’t know who was more horrified – me or the cat.” 

“While camping, our toddler made the mistake of thinking the bucket where we kept the dirty dishes was a portable toilet. Well, I think it was a mistake…” 

Entertainment comes in the oddest forms

“My daughter took 37 selfies on my phone, all of which are of her nose.”

“We spent over an hour today shutting doors.”

“He discovered the toilet paper in the cupboard, rolled every single roll out and then wrapped himself in it.”

“He refused to get into the lift unless he could press the ‘down’ button. We watched the lift come and go eight times before he gave in and did it my way.”

“He hid the remote and we have yet to find it. That was nine months ago.”

Their food choices leave very little room for nutrition

“My toddler decided that the only edible thing in the house is Nutella. And no, not on a piece of bread or on a cracker. It must be eaten from the jar with a pink spoon.”

“My son refused to eat his cheese and crackers because they were ‘too lellow’.” 

“I spent over an hour making dinner for my toddler and me. He fed it to the dog. Worse still, the dog didn’t even eat the stuff. Tomorrow, I’m making toast.”


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