The weirdest advice pregnant couples get

Posted in Stages of Pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is different, but there is one thing you can always count on when you are expecting and that is the unsolicited advice every other person under the sun wants to give you. What is the strangest pregnancy advice someone has given you? Come and see if any of these hilariously absurd tips from family, friends and strangers off the street sound familiar.

Our favourite couple from BuzzFeed Yellow are back with another awesomely accurate video about pregnancy and beyond. This time they are tackling some of the strangest advice pregnant couples get.

If you have ever heard the question, “Can I give you some advice?” during your pregnancy, then you will love this video. Everyone, from the supermarket check-out lady to the childless friends, have some advice to give.

Weird advice1

And some of the tips shared are truly baffling.

Like, did you know that cats will steal a baby’s breath? Or if you lift your arms above your head, it will result in the baby being strangled by the umbilical cord? Or that eating lemons will make your baby hairy? Or how about that a baby has the carbon footprint of 25,000 plastic bags?

What are some of the parenting guidance gems that you’ve been told while pregnant?


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