The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and actor Diane Kruger are expecting a baby

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Fans of the much-loved, hyper-gory series The Walking Dead might be delighted to know that Norman Reedus – who plays standout badass, Daryl and actor Diane Kruger – award-winning star of Inglourious Basterds – are expecting their first child together.

The Walking Dad

This will be the first child for Diane and the second for Norman – who has a 19-year-old son Mingus with his former partner of five years, model Helena Christensen. Diane was previously in a long-term relationship with ex-Dawson’s Creek star, Joshua Jackson.

US Weekly just broke the news, but there had been months of speculation especially when – despite best efforts to distract from it in a series of voluminous gowns (see below) – Diane sported a noticeable baby bump, particularly at the Cannes Film Festival recently.

Gossip mags have published several kilometres of commentary on the fact that she’s been refusing alcohol at events too.

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Diane posted a recent less glamorous photo of herself which fans took as semi-confirmation of baby news, slumped couch side in a fetching Disney sweat.

“Potatoing” she captioned the Instagram pic and honestly, it’s got to feel good to NOT be fancying your bump up for yet another black tie event and hiding your belly, right?

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As for action man Norman, not sure if he’s potatoing too, but we would hazard a guess that he’s … not. He’s yet to spill the beans officially, but we’re very much looking forward to the zombie quips and Walker memes that will undoubtedly lead up to this baby’s birth.

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Fans have the feels

Fans are already brimming with excitement, congratulating the couple on their news.

“I just wanna congratulate you and @bigbaldhead on your baby news!” one posted. “That is gonna be one gorgeous child!”

“Hope you get a motorcycle with a sidecar for the baby seat @bigbaldhead” another punter suggested.

“ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD TO YOU AND NORMAN,” another caps-yelled at Diane.

When Norman broke the news last year that he was in love with Diane, the sound of hearts breaking could be heard across the globe – and on Instagram too:

“I’m jealous of Diane,” one fan admitted. “I know that I can never be with him because I’m 14. Love hurts.” #sob

“I am not her fan and I don’t have to be just because she is Norman’s girlfriend,” another posted. Okaaayyyy, girl.

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YESSSSS ♥️♥️♥️

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We may not hear much about this pregnancy from the couple themselves, as they’re pretty private about their relationship – and there’s a (pretty brilliant) new trend by celebs to keep their babies well away from prying eyes. Time. Will. Tell. Though.

Huge congrats to the expectant couple, and to Mingus too!


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