The sweet reason fans think Kim and Kanye’s fourth baby has arrived

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A sweet text Kanye West sent to Kim Kardashian had fans suggesting the pair had welcomed their fourth child.

“Four kids”

“This is your life,” the text from Kanye to Kim read. “Married with four kids, get people out of jail, cover of Vogue, go to church every week with your family. Dreams come true.”

It was the “married with four kids” part of that text that had fans certain that the pair’s fourth baby had arrived.

In fact, some media outlets even began reporting the baby’s arrival, but Kim was quick to knock that speculation on the head.

“Wait just saw news our baby boy came but that’s not true!” Kim posted on Twitter in response to this new baby news. “It’s Met Monday, I’m in NYC. I would be at the hospital lol.”

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My babies are my life!!!! ✨?

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Kim has previously said that she is “freaking out so much” ahead of this child’s – who is the pair’s biological baby – arrival. Life is super busy and the idea of juggling four kids is a little daunting, she explained on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and that seems totally normal.

After viewing this text, some wondered if Kanye had miscounted his children, perhaps hoping this was a fresh opportunity to mock him. But the pair do have four kids because baby number four – who is currently thought to be almost full-term and is in the belly of a gestational carrier – exists! It’s just that he hasn’t been born just yet.

Of course, the couple are also parents to five-year-old North, three-year-old Saint and one-year-old Chicago. 

Kim and Kanye text

He’s not wrong

The other parts of Kanye’s text were bang on the money too (and honestly modelled a brilliant example of noting our achievements rather than constantly looking ahead.)

Kim’s now studying law in a push to be even more effective in her campaigns for clemency for deserving prisoners.  

She just nailed the long-held ambition of making the cover of Vogue, a gorgeous photo shoot with her kids tucked into the pages too.

And the church Kanye speaks of is his own Sunday Service, recently made even more famous after it was attended by thousands at a special Coachella edition.

As Kanye says “dreams come true.”

The couple’s fourth child is due to arrive in the next week or so.

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True’s Birthday party!

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