“That’s so cute!” Australia just gave Meghan and Harry their first baby gifts

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Meghan and Harry’s tour of Australia has started with a bump, as the pair finally get to share their baby news openly with the world.


“Our first baby gift”

The timing of the announcement has given Australians a world-first chance to congratulate the couple – and bestow some uniquely Australian gifts. 

This adorable exchange happened at Admiralty House today, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were hosted by the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove (and Meghan debuted her baby bump!)

On entering the stately home’s formal sitting room for a photo opportunity, the royal couple spotted a toy kangaroo, complete with joey in its pouch.

They giggled with Meghan noting, “That’s so cute, our first baby gift!”

“There you are,” the G-G said handing the toy over. “And this is your second.”

Lady Cosgrove then gave Harry a pair of baby-sized Ugg boots.

“Very Australian Ugg boots,” she explained.

 “These are awesome,’” Harry declared before also taking ownership of a pair of grown-up sized Akubras.

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First baby gift! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex couldn’t hide their delight as they stepped out on the first official engagement of their tour to Australia this morning – hours after revealing their joyous baby news. The mother and father-to be were at Admiralty House, the official Sydney residence of the Governor-General of Australia, where they are staying for the first few days of their marathon 16-day Commonwealth trip. The couple were formally welcomed to Australia by his Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife, Lady Cosgrove, on the lawns of the historic building, which offers spectacular views across Sydney Harbour. The couple were given presents of a kangaroo and her joey – ‘our first baby gift!’ Meghan exclaimed. And Harry coed over a tiny pair of Ugg boots. ‘These are awesome,’ he said. News source: Daily Mail. I may not be able to report the whole tour because I tried to report about other royals and I still in my mid-term exam week. But, the accounts that I tagged will provide some great converse of the 16-days royal tour. Go follow and check them out! _________________________________________ #PrinceHenryOfWales#PrinceHenry#PrinceHarry#HenryCharlesAlbertDavid#TheDukeOfSussex#DukeOfSussex#EarlOfDumbarton#BaronKilkeel#TheDuchessOfSussex#DuchessOfSussex#CountessOfDumbarton#BaronessKilkeel#MeghanMarkle#PrincessOfUnitedKingdom#TheBritishMonarchy#BritishMonarchy#BritishRoyalFamily#HouseOfWindsor#MountbattenWindsor

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“This wonderful news”

The Governor-General then took the opportunity to formally congratulate the parents-to-be, on behalf of the nation.

“Your Royal Highnesses, welcome to Australia,’ Sir Peter continued. “May we, on behalf of all Australians, congratulate you both on the announcement that you are expecting a baby. We are delighted, it’s amazing, and I know that the people who are already excited to see you will just be enthralled by the fact of this wonderful news.’

‘Thank you very much for having us and letting us stay in your wonderful house,” Harry responded. “And thank you very much for organising the weather! Let’s hope the rain stays off!”

Meghan and Harry then moved on to Taronga Zoo where they interacted with kids, opened a new conservation facility and met two baby koalas named in their honour (and a sugar glider and echidna!)

Later on today, they’ll pop up at the Opera House to sit in on a rehearsal by the Bangarra Dance Theatre.

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