Is pregnancy contagious? These 9 pregnant co-workers would suggest so

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The phrase ‘something in the water’ most definitely applies to this bunch of US nurses and coworkers who are all pregnant and due within weeks of each another.

Something is definitely in the water here at Maine Medical Center on the Labor and Delivery Unit! NINE pregnant (8 pictured) nurses ??‍⚕️ Lots of baby friends being made this summer! ☀️ @ Maine Medical Center

Posted by Brittney Verville on Saturday, 23 March 2019

Someone else is pregnant!

The women from Maine Medical Centre’s Labor and Delivery Unit appear to have caught the baby bug in their workplace and are now all expecting the pitter patter of little feet between April and July.

Registered nurse Amanda Spear spoke to News Centre Maine about this amazing phenomenon revealing that the pregnancies just kept popping up at work.

“I feel like every other day we would come into work and it would be like, ‘someone else is pregnant,’” she said.

“It was more exciting each time seeing who else was pregnant,” fellow RN Samantha Giglio agreed.

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While some are having their first bubs, others are going in for a second round.

It’s fair to say that these women have already cleverly formed their very own mother’s group and that playdates will be coming thick and fast once they deliver.

They’ve also got all the benefits of navigating this life-changing experience as a team. And guess what? They will know everyone in the delivery suite when it’s time to give birth!

“It’s comforting knowing we’ll be taking care of each other,” Samantha confirms. 

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The hospital has 80 nurses who work within the unit, so there are plenty of extra hands to cover off these nine maternity leave periods.

Maine pregnant nurses

Fertility influence

This is not the first case of many pregnant nurses we’ve reported on. Last year SIXTEEN nurses from the same unit fell pregnant around the same time, proving the contagious pregnancy really is an actual thing! Those women worked at Banner Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit and were all expecting between October 2018 and January 2019.

Perhaps you’ve witnessed these sort of contagious pregnancies in your own life among friends or work buddies? So why does this happen?

Researchers tell us that women fall pregnant at the same time because of a phenomenon called ‘fertility influence’. They are influenced by the pregnancy plans of other women, they want to have babies together so that they can navigate the highs and lows as a team.

Makes a lot of sense, right?! Congrats to the nine soon-to-deliver nurses! Safe labour and happy healthy babies to you all.


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