Teresa Palmer’s prepping for labour with an interesting technique

Teresa Palmer March 2019

Australian actor Teresa Palmer is expecting her third child any day now and she’s implementing an interesting strategy in the hopes of getting things underway.

Any day now

Teresa is mum two sons, four-years-old Bodhi Rain and two-year-old Forest Sage, and she and hubby, Mark Webber announced they were expecting third baby in October last year.

She writes a really comprehensive blog about motherhood and has been helpfully tracking her pregnancies closely so her fans can tag along.

This week she revealed not only what she’s packing in her hospital bag, what she’s going to wear to hospital – oversized T-shirt, baggy black pants, slip on shoes, hair scrunchie and very comfy sports bra – and what she’s keeping in the car in case of an on-the-road early arrival.

She also noted that she’s feeling like her baby could arrive any day now.

“In 3 days I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant, which could mean the baby could come at any time, although I have a feeling this one is staying put for a while. She seems cozy in there,” Teresa writes.

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“A favourable labour environment”

That said, this once again mum-to-be is doing everything she can to prime her body for labour.

“I started having two tea bags a day of red raspberry leaf tea, plus pricking a hole in the evening primrose oil capsules (1000mg) and placing it as high up to my cervix as possible to help create a favourable labour environment!”

“I’ve also been taking my Christopher’s Original Birth Prep Capsules and had my second chiropractic session. Next week, I’ll begin acupuncture and diffusing clary sage oil, plus I’ll up my red raspberry leaf tea! It’s getting so exciting and I just can’t believe it’ll all be going down so soon.”

You can read even more about Teresa’s pregnancy here.

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