Worth a try: 8 things that might induce labour naturally

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Have you had the baby yet? If you’re tired of hearing this question and exhausted from waddling around with an overdue baby bump, then you may be contemplating ways to get things moving. Baby will come when baby is ready but these things could help speed things along.

At this stage, you’ll try just about anything, right?

1. Indulge in certain foods

Send your partner down to the shops to pick up some pineapples, curries and raspberry leaf tea. All of these things are suggested labour-inducing foods and drinks but every mum will have a different story about what she ate the night before she went into labour.

2. Bounce, baby bounce

Drag your fit ball out from the closet and get bouncing. This can help move baby down and ready for an escape. Even bouncing in early stages of labour can help speed the process.

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3. Exercise

Not keen on pounding the pavement? Try waddling down to the park or paddling around the pool.

4. Have sex

Sperm is meant to soften and ripen the cervix. Sure, there are probably a million other things you would prefer to be doing right now, but it could help.

5. Look into essential oils

Make sure you consult with your midwife or doctor before trying this, but Evening Primrose Oil and Clary Sage Oil are often recommended by natural therapists as ways to induce labour.

6. Meditate

One of the reasons why my labour didn’t progress (according to the doctors) was because I was simply too stressed out. So do some breathing exercises, get a massage or meditate to try and calm the nerves. I do realise that this is easier said than done!

7. Consider acupuncture

Acupuncture has an extremely high success rate (88 percent) for bringing on labour after just two sessions. However, your body needs to be ready and it is only recommended if your due date has come and gone.

8. Make plans to do something important

Because as soon as you have a plan, that’s the time baby will make an appearance.

9. Eat ice cream

OK, so there is no direct link between ice cream and labour, but why not? If you’re going to be sitting around waiting, you might as well be eating something delicious while you wait.

Relish in the fact that you are not alone

According to the Australian Health and Welfare Institute, 37.4 percent of babies are born after 40 weeks gestation. So at least you’re in good company.


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