Gay penguins adopt abandoned egg, with hopes of becoming parents

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Penguins are known to find and keep a mate for life. They are exemplary monogamists.

As such, gay king penguins, Skipper and Ping, are soul mates. But now they are hoping to become not just partners in life, but also partners in parenting.

The couple has adopted an abandoned egg at Berlin Zoo, and are looking after it like the born fathers they are.

When Skipper met Ping

The love birds (see what I did there?!) are joined at the wing at the zoo.

But their relationship has gone to the next level and lately, they have been yearning to become dads.

“Fatherhood is calling us,” Skipper tells Babyology in an exclusive interview.

“It’s a deep longing,” adds Ping.

The duo has been known to try, unsuccessfully, to hatch a stone by carrying it around on their feet and passing it back and forth. But now their keepers have let them adopt an actual, but abandoned egg.

“It’s a dream come true! But we just hope it all works out,” Skipper says.

Here’s hoping!

If Skipper and Ping are able to keep the egg alive, they will be parents by September to a baby chick.


“I’m soooo excited to become a father,” says Skipper. “I’ve always wanted to share this experience with Ping.”

“He will be a great dad,” chirps Ping.

“Awww, right back at ya,” says Ping, looking down at their egg to check it’s still warm and atop of his feathery feet.

We and the rest of the world, live in hope.

Gay penguins not uncommon

It’s not the first time a same-sex penguin couple have tried to become parents in a zoo.

Zookeepers in London, New York, and Australia have all reported same-sex penguins trying to incubate eggs into chicks, delighting many visitors and disgusting others. Sigh.

Love is love, people!

Even the animal kingdom knows this.


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