Did Prince William just accidentally reveal the royal baby’s gender?

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A slip of the tongue by Prince William at a recent engagement is being seen as a possible gender reveal.

Let’s call him Jack!

On Tuesday night, William watched his football team Aston Villa beat Cardiff City 1-0. A late score by  player Jack Grealish won the game. An elated Will saw this as cause for a special kind of celebration.

“I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack,” he laughed, then paused and added  “… Or Jackie!” 

William wore his footy scarf to the game and apparently chatted to – and later fist pumped – spectators as he wandered through the stands. After the game, Jack Grealish presented William with his match-winning shirt as a souvenir and the Prince chatted with players in the dressing room.

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Prince William may have dropped a hint about the gender of their third baby at a football match this week when he told Aston Villa fans: 'I'm going to insist the baby is called Jack,' before adding after a pause: '…Or Jackie.'?✔ The baby is due any day now!!?✔?#hellopakistan #hellomagazine #thursday #nightposts #instaposts #princewilliam #royals #instastyle #instapic #instagood #instalove #karachi #lahore #islamabad

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Baby Bertie?

Up until now it was reported that the couple would not be finding out the gender of their baby before the birth, but perhaps this is a sign that they do know what they are expecting. Or perhaps not.

Albert is the top tipped name for a baby boy with betting outlet Ladbrokes, with Alice the bookies’ favourite for a little girl. 

We admit we’re quite excited there could be a baby Bertie debuted on the Lindo Wing steps in the coming days. #BertieBeetle But of course any sort of healthy baby is a gift.

If you’re as interested in royal baby names as we are, let’s dig a little deeper into those most likely to succeed.

Alice, Mary, Victoria, Alexandra and Diana are the top five for girls.

Albert, Arthur, Frederick, James and Philip are the boys’ name top five.

At the moment. Perhaps a combination of these names will hit the spot.

The great Kate wait

So when is this royal baby going to show its cute little face? Baby number three for Kate and William is due any day now, with barricades erected in the streets outside St Mary’s Hospital and parking restrictions firmly in place until the end of the month.

The “door cam” that’s traditionally trained on the Lindo Wing entrance is expected to pop up online once Kate’s in labour and the media are assembled.

Not gonna lie … we can’t wait!


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