Carrie Sickmore?! Pregnant Carrie shares her brilliant morning sickness cure

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The Project‘s Carrie Bickmore announced she was pregnant last week, and while she thought she was over the worst of her morning sickness, it seems her baby has other ideas. 

“It’s not going away”

After spending the last few weeks hiding her pregnancy from all and sundry, the floodgates have opened (kinda literally), and a relieved Carrie is keen to open up a little more about how she’s been managing.

“Morning sickness,” she posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself snuggled up to the toilet bowl. “I thought it would have passed by now, but it’s not going away. Why the hell is it called ‘morning sickness’ when it can be 24/7?! Relentless.”

“If I am hungry, I feel sick. If I eat, I feel sick. If I sleep, I feel sick,” Carrie wrote. She says the list of other things that make her pukey include coffee, healthy food, water and pregnancy tablets. 

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So what’s the one thing that doesn’t make her feel queasy, we hear you ask.

“CHIPS!” Carrie wrote on Instagram – with a thumbs up and heart-eye emoji seal of approval.

Carrie and partner Chris Walker are parents to ten-year-old son Ollie – Carrie’s son with her late husband Greg Lange – and three-year-old daughter Evie. Baby number three is expected to make an appearance late in 2018.

Maccas, chips, sugary drinks to the rescue

Carrie’s followers were keen to help The Project star to feel better. Many felt her pain and weighed in on the remedies that relieved the debilitating pregnancy side-effect that can last all day. If you – or someone you know – is pregnant and struggling to keep anything down, here is some real mum intel on what might stave off nausea and vomiting …

“I lived on McChicken burgers and frozen raspberry slurpees,” one mum wrote. “However I discovered Zofran wafers with my third – and my life changed! If you don’t mind having prescription meds, then these are the best! Good luck!”

Another mum said she felt better when she downed “a Maccas breakfast and a frozen Coke. For some reason that settled my stomach.”

Salt and vinegar chips came up as a cure, again and again: “A bag of family sized salt and vinegar chips for breakfast is always the answer!”

Potatoes, cakes, tea, toast!

Shakes and golden fried potatoe-y things were super popular with the pukey mum set, too.

“I got through 12 weeks of hell with thick shakes, hash browns and plain sea salt chips!”

“Don’t envy you there, potato cakes and chocolate milk was all I could eat.”

“Like all the others above I lived off hot chips in the first trimester,” another mum confided. “Then it became hommus on sourdough toast. Then it was cake. Any type of cake.” #Yum

For some, going old school was the option that worked “Try having black tea and a slice of toast before you get out of bed. My husband’s grandmother remedy. It worked for me.”

“Suck on barley sugars,” someone else instructed. “They work wonders!”

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Mix it up, mamas

One mum said some brand name supermarket favourites were the answer, for her at least: “I got through it by licking Vegemite off biscuits and drinking chocolate Quik. I also had Fruit Tingles alllllll day and night to suck on!!” (Please don’t suck Fruit Tingles in your sleep, mamas!)

Other foodie suggestions included bubblegum kids toothpaste, banana paddle pops, fresh pineapple, dragonfruit vitamin water, Saladas, Ritz crackers.

Seasickness bands, acupuncture and those Zofran wafers were also suggested over and over again.

We’d like to thank Carrie Sickmore Bickmore and her followers for all their brilliant advice because it’s guaranteed to help other toilet bowl-hugging mums!


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