Carrie Bickmore’s wriggly baby bump video makes everyone want to be pregnant

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Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker are expecting a baby very, very soon and the soon to be mum-of-three has revealed her little one is quite the busy bee!

“Love a little hand”

“Love a little hand feeling it’s brother or sister kick,” The Project anchor posted alongside a video of her three-year-old daughter Evie’s hand making contact with her soon-to-arrive baby sibling.

This little one is indeed on the move, making Carrie’s belly undulate under Evie’s hand – and appearing to make the very most of its almost too squeezy accommodation!

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Carrie’s also mum to eleven-year-old Ollie, her son with late husband Greg Lange. Although we didn’t catch a glimpse of Ollie bump-bonding he seems all set to be a big brother once again. Especially if his very responsible attitude to ‘sometimes foods ‘is anything to go by! 

Carrie recently detailed her cake-making obsession, admitting that one weekend her son sprung her leaning over the sink eating batter from a bowl as she whipped up a third birthday cake for her son. 

“I’ve already had one!” Ollie chastised kindly reminded her.

“I miss that”

Carrie’s bump garnered a lot of attention on Instagram, with lots of mums being taken straight back to their own amazing human-growing days – and even wishing their own wriggly bumps would return.

“Hands down one of my favourite experiences of being pregnant!” one mum wrote.

“This makes me just as clucky as a newborn does!! Adorable!” another mum posted.

“My sons are 31 and 28 but my goodness watching that I actually almost felt that sensation in my belly, it all came back !! Such a precious time,” someone else commented sentimentally.

“It’s been soooo long. I miss that. One of my most favourite things in the world,” another mother sighed.

Of course, we all know that pregnant ladies have babies concealed in their bellies, but there is something incredible about seeing their little knees and elbows bumping against that silhouette as they stretch and try to get comfy. 

No wonder Evie was keen to play along! 🙂 


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