Carrie Bickmore’s amazing cravings make us want to be pregnant too

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Last week Carrie Bickmore tried to convince us she was craving healthy snacks, but all is forgiven because she’s now admitting her pregnancy urges are not all about bliss balls after all. Phew!

“I’ve made three cakes in two weeks”

Carrie, who is expecting her third child in the next month or so, had previously told followers that hot chips and peanut butter toast were pretty much the only things she felt like eating.

After that brief expletive-laden dalliance with bliss balls, she’s levelled up to a whole new cravings achievement, admitting that it’s freshly baked cakes that are rocking her world.

We had already noticed this trend while scrolling through Carrie’s Instagram account, but she opened up a little more on the radio show she hosts with Tommy Little bravely confessing “My name’s Carrie. And I can’t stop making and eating cake”.

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“I’ve made three cakes in two weeks … first was a chocolate one that was so velvety I’ve never tasted anything like it in my entire life,” Carrie went on.

“And the one last week was a sponge and it was so light and fluffy and the cream was just so creamy … It was just light and fluffy and creamy … And it had strawberries on it!”

It’s your birthday!

When her eldest child, Ollie, sprung her licking the bowl on the weekend, Carrie defiantly pushed on.

“On the weekend, it’s been Ollie’s birthday. I made a five-layered multi-coloured cake … Actually, it was three layers,” she faux-sobbed, remembering cakes of days gone by. Her quest for cake knows no bounds.

“I’ve realised it’s not even just the finished cake I like. It’s the batter … [on the weekend] I leant over the sink … licking the bowl (of the third cake) and Ollie said ‘what are you making?’ and I said ‘a birthday cake’, and he said ‘I’ve already had one’ I said ‘you’ve had two and this is your third!'” she chortled. 

A problem shared was a problem halved, the expectant mum admitted.

“I feel better getting it off my chest. The only problem is ’cause I’m pregnant I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel … Next week it might be another one, how do I stop!?” Carrie wondered aloud.

“Actually … I am perfectly fine with my baking and my consumption of the baked goods,” she posted on Instagram.


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