7 simple ways to stay cool while pregnant in a heatwave

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We’ve already sweated through some scorchers in recent weeks and, personally, I am relieved not to be at the business end of my pregnancy this summer.

When my son was born almost four years ago, I remember struggling through 40 plus degree days in Sydney with painfully swollen feet and aching cankles. Yes, cankles! I am just past the halfway point of this pregnancy and while I have found the heat intense – thankfully – it just doesn’t compare.

Sweat rashes, insomnia and hot flashes can really mess with that glorious pregnancy glow, so my thoughts are with all the ready-to-pop mummas out there, especially if you’re in an area destined for more hot days soon.

We’ve compiled some top tips to help expectant mums stay cool throughout those unbearably hot summer days.

Pregnant woman drinking healthy green juice smoothie

1. Stay hydrated

During pregnancy in general it is important to drink plenty of water but it is especially important on sweltering hot days. Add constant sweating to your standard regular pee trips, and it is far too easy for you to become dehydrated.

Make sure you keep filling up that water bottle. You could take a two-fold approach by keeping hydrated and cool with a product like these Insulated Mist ‘N Sip Squeeze Bottles so you can sip AND spritz! The less we have to do the better.

2. Smart timing

Take the hottest part of the day into consideration when planning outings. Avoid going outside or being too active when temperatures peak, which is usually the middle of the day.

Towards the end of my first pregnancy, I tried to schedule any outdoor jobs or meetings around this advice. When you’re growing another human in the heat of summer, you automatically get a free pass to dictate such things to colleagues, friends and family. Really, it’s only fair.

3. A cool towel

A cool towel on the head or neck can provide some relief from the heat for expectant mums (aka walking ovens) when a heatwave strikes.

If you’re already tired from getting up to pee every 15 minutes and want to avoid making regular trips to soak said towel AGAIN, there are some amazing inventions that take the legwork out of keeping you cool. Such as the Cool Sports Towel, which dries soft, is chemical free and stays up to 30 per cent cooler than skin temperature.

4. Cool treats

Keep the freezer stocked with frozen treats, from fruit-filled ice cubes (to jazz up all the water you are drinking) to sweet, easy to make ice blocks.

You could even whip up a healthier alternative with our two ingredient strawberry ice block recipe.

5. Take a dip

Cool off with a beach swim or float in a pool, but if neither of those are viable options for you, splurge on a small paddle pool for your backyard that you can sit in till your heart’s content (or the water gets too warm, whichever comes first).

Alternatively, take regular cold showers or soak in a cool bath.

If you love being outside, why not consider a misting fan to help you beat the heat or simply put your feet in a cold bucket of water.

6. Dress light

Avoid dark colours that attract the sun’s rays and wear light, breathable clothing to help keep you and your blossoming bump cool.

You could also step up your wardrobe selection with something like the Kool Breeze Solar Hat, which promises to protect you from the sun and keep your head cooled by an inbuilt fan. Genius!

7. Know when to just stay inside

Heatstroke is not good for you or baby so when the temperatures soar, especially in the mid to high 30s, stay inside close to fans and air-conditioning.

If a job or errand can be changed, do it, and if it can’t, see if someone else can go in your place. Remember, you’re pregnant and it’s scorching hot outside! People will understand.


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