10 things baby bumps are awesome for

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All mums can agree that there are positives and negatives to being heavily pregnant. As much as you love the baby kicks and new curves that pregnancy brings, it can be frustrating carrying this extra weight in front of you every second of every day.

So rather than focus on the annoyances, let’s have a look at some of the very best things about having a ridiculously massive baby bump.

Holding things.

Who needs a side table when you can rest your phone, your cuppa and the remote on your belly?

baby bumps 3

Getting out of housework and other tasks.

The list of things you can’t do while pregnant is so incredibly long that no one is going to know if you add a few more to the list, like vacuuming. And dusting. And making dinner. And doing the dishes. Dish detergent is bad for the baby, right?

Drawing on.

Adult colouring books are known to help reduce stress. But why bother colouring in a book when you can draw on your belly instead?

baby bumps 2

Finding the best car parking spot.

Forget walking a kilometre to the shop entrance. You’ve got a big bump – you get the best park!

pregnancy two

Getting you a better seat.

Crowded train? A baby bump will fix that pretty quickly.


Sleeping in.

If you’re too pregnant to roll out of bed, then you might as well stay there a little longer, right?

Getting foot rubs and pedicures.

If you can’t see your feet, then the only logical thing to do is delegate the task.


Getting you out of speeding fines.

Add a grunt or two when speaking to the police and you may be able to convince him that, just this once, speeding is okay.

Draping in fine fabrics.

When will you ever have an excuse to dress yourself in a curtain or bed sheet and take photos? When you’re pregnant, it is art. When you’re not, it’s usually the start of a very messy toga party.


Entertaining, kissing and cuddling.

There is no better entertainment than watching your little one kick and squirm inside you. And we’re sure all mums will agree that, despite the stretch marks and the waddle that comes with a baby belly, touching your tummy and knowing that someone is in there, waiting to officially meet you, is one of the best feelings in the world.

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