Breastmates Belly Button Cover for when your innie becomes an outie

Posted in Pregnancy Essentials.

There are so many things mums-to-be don’t expect when they’re expecting, for me one thing that caught me off guard was my belly button going from an innie to an outie. I had just gotten used to the idea of my rapidly expanding belly and before I knew it – pop – another surprise. Fear not mums-to-be, there is a simple disguise for your own escaping button that will have you looking as smooth as can be.

Breastmates can’t take away your morning sickness, help you put on your shoes, or stop your breasts or belly from growing, but they can help you keep your outie under wraps with their very clever Belly Button Cover which means one less pregnancy symptom you have to deal with. BREASTMATESThe reusable Belly Button cover is made from 100 per cent silicone with adhesive backing. It can be washed with mild soap and the sticky adhesion will remain intact. This would have come in handy so many times during my pregnancies, especially the two weddings I had to attend. Even though it’s not an essential item for a pregnant women, it definitely holds some benefits and will give you a boost of confidence you need while getting familiar with your pregnant self.

Wearing the cover is simply, just place it on your bare skin over your belly button and you’ll see the smoothing effect instantly. I can’t tell you how many people commented on my belly button sticking through my shirt, which can be as frustrating as the “are you having twins” comments.

Purchase yours for $6.90 (wow) directly from Breastmates and enjoy an outie free pregnancy.


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