Cute ways to announce your whoopsie-daisy baby

Posted in Getting Pregnant.

When my daughter came along a year ago, my husband and I knew we were done. Her older brother was four, the gap between them was perfect for us, and we had one of each. 

Well planned, us. 

Or so we thought. 

When my daughter was just eight months old and the box of tampons I’d bought had been languishing a little too long unused in the bathroom cabinet, I decided to do a pregnancy test just to be sure – and whaddya know? Surprise baby #3 was already on their way. 

While our bonus baby might have been unplanned, it was very much wanted, and thus began the reimagining of our family as an odd-numbered, chaotic party of five. 

While we got our heads around the new addition fairly quickly, the next step was to inform our nearest and dearest that we’d be adding to our brood – and we needed a fitting announcement.

If you too have found yourself with an unexpected stowaway, here are some super cute and cheeky ideas to break the news to the world. 


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