Having twins? These are the most popular twin baby names out there

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Finding a baby name that suits your child is tricky enough. When you’re expecting twins, you have to find not one, but two names that you not only love, but that work well together. While some parents with twins take this idea a little too far (Beau and Arrow are probably going to hate their parents later in life), there’s a happy medium too.

We’ve uncovered the most popular twin baby names selections of today. For parents looking for twin name ideas or for a sweet baby name that blends with an older sibling, this list, complied by the US Social Security Administration, is a great one to explore.

Girl/girl twin names

twins baby girls sl

Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Sophia, Ella, Ava and Mackenzie are some of the most popular choices for one half of twin sister sets. Another common trend for parents naming their twin daughters is to choose a name that starts or ends with the same letter for extra matchy matchy rhyming fun.

Amazingly, Australia’s most popular baby girl name, Charlotte, does not make the list at all. But both Heaven and Neveah do. Go figure.

  1. Olivia and Sophia
  2. Gabriella and Isabella
  3. Ella and Emma
  4. Faith and Hope
  5. Makayla and Mackenzie
  6. Heaven and Neveah
  7. Isabella and Sophia
  8. Mackenzie and Madison
  9. Hailey and Hannah
  10. Abigail and Olivia
  11. Ava and Emma
  12. Ava and Olivia
  13. Ava and Mia
  14. Emma and Olivia
  15. Addison and Avery
  16. Ava and Ella
  17. Arianna and Brianna
  18. Isabella and Olivia
  19. London and Paris
  20. Faith and Grace

Boy/boy twin names

twins baby boys sl

Jacob has always been a popular name in America and it would appear the trend continues with twins as well, with Jacob one of the most popular names for twin boys. Other common names include Isaiah, Logan, Matthew and Joshua.

15 out of the 20 most popular twin boy names all start with the same letter. And three sets of twin boys have names with perfect rhymes.

Like the girls’ list, the most popular Aussie baby names for boys – Oliver, William and Jack – do not make the list.

  1. David and Daniel
  2. Jacob and Joshua
  3. Isaac and Isaiah
  4. Jayden and Jordan
  5. Ethan and Evan
  6. Elijah and Isaiah
  7. Matthew and Michael
  8. Jayden and Jaylen
  9. Ethan and Nathan
  10. Jayden and Kayden
  11. Landon and Logan
  12. Logan and Lucas
  13. Caleb and Joshua
  14. James and John
  15. Jeremiah and Josiah
  16. Logan and Luke
  17. Alexander and Benjamin
  18. Andrew and Matthew
  19. Chance and Chase
  20. Hayden and Hunter

Girl/boy twins names


Once again, choosing twin names that start with the same letter seems to be the trend for boy/girl twins. And some of the reigning names for boy/girl sets include Madison, Olivia, Mason, Ethan, Aiden and Jayden (Jaden).

  1. Madison and Mason
  2. Olivia and Owen
  3. Jayda and Jayden
  4. Emma and Ethan
  5. Isabella and Isaiah
  6. Addison and Aiden
  7. Emily and Ethan
  8. Ava and Aiden
  9. Ella and Ethan
  10. Jada and Jaden
  11. Taylor and Tyler
  12. Abigail and Andrew
  13. London and Landon
  14. Morgan and Mason
  15. Olivia and Oliver
  16. Zoey and Zachary
  17. Isabella and Alexander
  18. Olivia and Ethan
  19. Madison and Michael
  20. Abigail and Benjamin

But, enough with the most popular twin names’ lists – we want to know what your twins are called! Did you stick to something traditional or think outside the baby name box?

Check out our baby name archives for more baby name ideas as well as our multiples section for all things twins!


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