The most popular baby names of the future are actually really lovely

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US baby name site NameBerry has done a deep dive into social security data, analysing the rise and fall of various baby names to predict what might be top of the pops in the future. The year 2028 to be exact.

The baby name prediction game

What they’re suggesting is that some traditional favourites will still be going strong in a decade’s time and that – as the research is US based – that some quite American sounding names (shout out to Maverick and Lincoln) will increase in popularity.

Here’s the top fives for girls, boys and gender-neutral names. Pop over to Nameberry to see the long lists and see if your favourite is set to endure.

Top girls’ names of the future

Popular future girls’ names look a lot like current choices …

  1. Charlotte – French, feminine diminutive of Charles which means ‘free man’
  2. Amelia – A German name meaning ‘work’
  3. Harper – An English name meaning ‘harp player’
  4. Emma – A German name which means ‘universal’
  5. Olivia – A Latin name meaning ‘olive tree’

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Top boys’ names of the future

For boys, sweet and strong names made the top five …

  1. Liam – An Irish short form of William meaning ‘resolute protection’
  2. Mateo – A Spanish form of Matthew meaning ‘gift of God’
  3. Maverick – This name means ‘independent’ and ‘nonconformist’
  4. Noah – Noah means ‘rest’ and also ‘wandering’
  5. Lincoln – An English name meaning ‘town by the pool’

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Top gender-neutral names of the future

We have to admit we like the gender-neutral winners the most! They were …

  1. Avery – This English name means ‘ruler of the elves’
  2. Quinn – A name that means ‘chief leader’ and ‘intelligence’
  3. Sawyer – This English name means ‘woodcutter’
  4. Parker – An English name which means ‘park keeper’
  5. Nova – A Latin name which means ‘new’.

Note that Lincoln, Harper and Noah are ALSO gender neutral names but Nameberry has given us the stats as above, with them not noted as gender neutral.


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