The latest ‘most unusual baby names’ list has been released and golly gee

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In the words of Cardi B “Okurrrrrrrrrrr!” because some parents have totally nailed it with unique or just plain bonkers names for their bubs.

Nameberry debuted the list on their mega baby name site and while some have circled unusual ideas for their own little ones, others are laughing their arms off at the names some parents chose.

New baby, who dis?

If you’d like to name your baby like an unusual-moniker-choosing-American-parent, than we’re here to tell you how. You’re welcome.

Name your baby like a gift from the gods

Names that hat-tipped spirituality made the list, and although they were not plentiful some were eyebrow-raising (we’re looking at the 24 little boys who will go through life answering to Lucifer). God, Om, Eros, Ra, Halo, Amen and Yogi were also names of note in this category.

Name your baby like a brand

Some babies were named after sugary drinks (hello to the 24 wee gals named Fanta!) Some were named for firearms (come on down Beretta and Colt!) Nameberry pointed out that 130 girls and 11 boys were named Tesla and while this is a brand name, it’s also the name of groundbreaking Serbian-American engineer and electricity enthusiasts, Nikola Tesla. We give Tesla a pass! Maybelline was given to 20 girls and Evian to 10 boys. So there ya go.

Name your baby like a VIP

Very important names were mentioned in the ‘most outrageous’ list – names like Empress, Pharaoh, Heiress, Kaiser, Milady and General. These names are associated with power, wealth and royalty – and people often choose them for their little ones to give them a bit of an elevated start in life. 

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Name your baby like a feeling or freaky thing

Names that denoted feelings, antisocial behaviours or characteristics also made the outrageous baby name list. Brazen, Envy, Vanity, Savvy, Havoc, Shooter (huh?!), Arson, Riot, Furious and Slayer for instance. Gawd.

Name your baby like a what-the-actual heck

And some names refused to fit any particular category or indeed make any sense. Thirteen little girls were named Man and a further sixteen given the name Paw. There were 8 Babyboys and 7 Babygirls. Also? 28 infants named Boy, 6 named Son and 19 named Girl. Other bonkers (to us) choices include – Papa (9 boys), Mister (18 boys) and Moo (7 girls and 8 boys.)

Moo? Why tho, guys?! Ugh.


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