Revealed! Australia’s top 100 baby names for 2017

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The numbers are in! We’ve done the crunching and can now bring you the 100 most popular baby names given to Aussie bubs born in 2017.

While some of us avoid popular names like the plague, others like to know they will be giving their baby a name everyone loves. Either way, everyone wants to know what names are hot right now. 

So, without further ado, here are the names you can expect to be writing on birthday party invitations for years to come.

Oliver and Charlotte are number one!

Oliver and Charlotte are the crown winners of the baby name game this year, for the second year in a row.

A total of 2043 baby boys born in Australia in 2017 were named Oliver which has stayed uber popular with new parents for the past decade. The name has now nudged Jack and William from first place, both of which have vying for top spot for the past few years now.   

When it comes to girls, Charlotte – perhaps as a nod to the royal princess – is the winner again . The sweet French moniker was given to 1663 baby girls nationwide last year. The name topped the most popular lists in every state except WA, where Isla ranked number one

Baby wearing crown

Australia’s top 100 baby names:

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Trends for trendy names

The new list of top 100 baby names brings some surprising and not-so-surprising naming trends. Here are a few we noticed when collating the data from each states and territories’ respective birth registries:

Short and vowel-y 

When it comes to naming our little girls, we love short names that also sound soft. Three-lettered names containing a vowel are particularly popular. Think Ava (1334 births), Mia (1252 births), Isla (1231 births) and Ivy (858 births), all appearing in the top 20.   

Royal baby names soar

With royal fever upon us, the names given to our favourite princes and princesses are on the rise.

While Prince Harry’s name might be on everyone’s lips in the lead up to the wedding of the year, it’s his brother William who’s been honoured the most by Aussie mums and dads in 2017.

William was the second most popular boy’s name with 1724 Williams born last year.

The number one girls’ name, Charlotte, of course is the name Wills and Kate choose for their own little princess. Her siblings made less of an impact though with George coming in at number 34 and Louis not making the top 50 cut, although we suspect this will change next year when the name is more set in mums’ and dads’ minds, thanks to the recent arrival of the itty-bitty new prince. 

Lots of A names 

A surprising stand-out was the number of names starting with the letter A for both boys and girls. We are unsure if this is because parents-to-be are overwhelmed by the huge task of naming their baby, or if this letter just has a certain appeal when it rolls off the tongue.

Popular A names for girls include, Ava, Amelia, Aria, Audrey, Abigail and Annabelle. For boys, Alexander, Archie, Archer and Arlo all made it in the top 50 boys’ names.

Taking out the title in each State and Territory

Here are the top boys’ and girls’ name for each of the most populated states:

  • New South Wales: Oliver and Charlotte
  • Queensland: Oliver and Charlotte
  • Victoria: Oliver and Charlotte
  • Tasmania: Oliver and Charlotte
  • South Australia: Oliver and Charlotte 
  • Western Australia: Oliver and Isla 


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