Names that sound great for adults but weird on babies

Posted in Baby Names.

When you are a child, it is a simple fact of life that it takes time to grow into certain things. From wanting to fit into daddy’s work boots or mum’s high heels, and dare we say it a name like Geraldine or Craig.

There are just some monikers that, minus any nickname application, sound a little strange calling a baby.

They can be perfectly beautiful, classy and charismatic names but just take a bit of extra time to really fit the little person you have named.

Personally, my brother is a Gary, and even today when I watch home movies of him as a baby being called by his name, I have a good giggle. And yet there is no doubt he was always meant to be a Gary – or Gazza as we affectionately call him.

Here are some others we found that just don’t quite fit babies well.


  1. Keith
  2. Bruce
  3. Gordon
  4. Glenn
  5. Rowland
  6. Roger
  7. Alan
  8. Ian
  9. Graham
  10. Malcolm


  1. Agnes
  2. Diane
  3. Maureen
  4. Carol
  5. Loretta
  6. Heather
  7. Sharon
  8. Cheryl
  9. Susan
  10. Helen



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