Names perfect for your much-longed-for rainbow baby

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Losing a child is every parents’ worst nightmare but just as a rainbow shows how light can return after a dark storm passes, so too can the promise of new life. That’s why the term rainbow baby beautifully describes a child born after the loss of another, be it through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.

Rainbow babies 

It is hard to explain the conflicting emotions and feelings that come when you conceive a rainbow baby. First there is the guilt you feel, often from the moment you even entertain the thought of having another child after the loss of another. Then there is the fear of history repeating itself. But as I carry my own little rainbow baby, I find cutting through all of that doubt is the hope, the joy, love, faith, renewed belief that dreams do come true, that this little rainbow is strong and so am I, and this new life should be cherished.

There is no doubt these little light phenomenons deserve a name befitting the miracles they are. We’ve found a selection of baby names with meanings that perfectly capture the feelings parents often have for their little rainbow babies. 

How I have hoped for you little one…

The loss of a child is something no parent can ever forget, even when a rainbow baby is conceived. And while a new baby cannot replace a child that has passed, it can bring hope. Here are some names that have meanings linked with hope.


  1. Von
  2. Dayshaun
  3. Dillon
  4. Kibou
  5. Umed
  6. Barloc
  7. Raza
  8. Tumaini
  9. Phelipe
  10. Deene


  1. Brayleigh
  2. Nadine
  3. Kit
  4. Asha
  5. Esperanza
  6. Wilona
  7. Raja
  8. Zita
  9. Nada
  10. Natia

You bring joy back to my life…

The devastation of losing a baby can be all-consuming and make it hard to imagine ever smiling again. A rainbow baby can encourage parents to allow happiness back into their lives. Here are some names that have meanings linked with joy.


  1. Whelan
  2. Blyde
  3. Zorlon
  4. Joben
  5. Arnan
  6. Jedelah
  7. Daylan
  8. Ranen
  9. Bayode
  10. Kaemon


  1. Abigail
  2. Caryl
  3. Beatrix
  4. Bliss
  5. Keisha
  6. Latisha
  7. Allegra
  8. Thalia
  9. Anisa
  10. Freida

You are so loved…

A rainbow baby can remind parents who have been left devastated by the loss of a child the importance of love and the capacity they have to find more of it in the darkest of times. Here are some names that have meanings linked with love.


  1. Ardley
  2. Chad
  3. David
  4. Daryll
  5. Dimitry
  6. Elmo
  7. Edward
  8. Anwill
  9. Zane
  10. Taavi


  1. Amy
  2. Belle
  3. Amanda
  4. Cheryl
  5. Cara
  6. Aphrodite
  7. Darla
  8. Casandra
  9. Maite
  10. Amada

My faith is restored because of you…

A rainbow baby is a reminder not to give up and have faith in the future, trusting everything will be okay. Here are some baby names that have meanings linked with faith or faithful.


  1. Etemad
  2. Peter
  3. Kostya
  4. Tasman
  5. Kaleb
  6. Griffin
  7. Gideon
  8. Ameen
  9. Aladdin
  10. Heman


  1. Emmanuella
  2. Fayela
  3. Mimi
  4. Trinity
  5. Imani
  6. Fidessa
  7. Helga
  8. Fae
  9. Lela
  10. Nishtha

Dreams really do come true

After facing every parents worst nightmare, a rainbow baby is proof dreams do still come true. Here are some baby names with meanings linked with dream.


  1. Morpheus
  2. Chavez
  3. Reve
  4. Egeus
  5. Theseus


  1. Penelope
  2. Azlyn
  3. Sanya
  4. Aisling
  5. Sapna

It has taken great strength but here we are…

Rainbow babies represent a strength most parents never knew they had. Here are some baby names with meanings linked with strength.


  1. Aaron
  2. Gabriel
  3. Zeke
  4. Bogart
  5. Angus
  6. Garreth
  7. Orwald
  8. Tyrus
  9. Magnar
  10. Girard


  1. Astrid
  2. Carla
  3. Briana
  4. Valarie
  5. Maude
  6. Trudy
  7. Tilly
  8. Brigitte
  9. Millie
  10. Audrey

I will cherish you always…

Losing a child is a heartbreaking lesson in how precious life is and how every moment should be cherished. Here are baby names with meanings linked with cherished.


  1. Keifer
  2. Cerdic
  3. Dewey
  4. Keefe
  5. Drury


  1. Savita
  2. Davinia
  3. Aziza
  4. Apple
  5. Ahava



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