Mum trolled mercilessly after asking for “upper class” baby name ideas

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“Hit me with your upper class/well to do baby girl names that are still used today,” the Mumsnet user posted. It’s possible that her post was in jest, but commenters were very keen to share their ideas and chastise her scathingly.

Pretentious, much?

They hit indeed, sharing a colourful selection of names and noting the original poster should have a good hard look at themselves.

“Why does this matter to you?” one seethed. “If you were upper class you would call your child what you like and not give a hoot.”

“So are you old money and posh or wanting to be pretentious? Call your kid a name you like,” another said crossly.

“This thread reminds me of that Margaret Thatcher quote: ‘If you have to tell people you’re powerful, you aren’t,’ ” a smug type noted.

“You just need to look at The Telegraph birth announcements,” someone else said helpfully. (We checked this out and found a Samuel, an Arianna, a Willa, a Tatiana, a Matilda, a Poppy and an Arthur.)

Others suggested scanning the pages of Tatler Magazine for ideas, using any name used by a Mitford family member and checking posh English boarding school alumni lists (for instance Gordonstoun, where Prince Charles, Prince Philip and a bunch of other royalty were educated) for super fancy names. 

Sweetie, darling …

But others were quite keen on this classist question and came to the party with lists of names they thought were trés posh. They included:

Daffodil, Tansy, Topsy, Galahad, Rupert, Artemis, Bunty, Lettice, Plum, Cressida, Magnus, Neville, Frederick, Persephone and Monty.

“My son got headbutted (intentionally) by a very posh Elodie at soft play this week if that helps at all?” someone else piped up.


Girl with pigtails

“Cosima Urqhuart Upwardly Smytherooni”

Others still saw it as an opportunity to mercilessly troll the original poster, suggesting inappropriate names and giving the middle-finger quite blatantly.

“Jocasta le Plume Puffball, Henrietta Dubois Phlange a Rillo, Cosima Urqhuart Upwardly Smytherooni, Cordelia Phwar Phwar Rha Oikserson …”

“Alotta-Fagina or Jenna-Talia?”

“Chlamydia, C*ntella, Turbot.”

Oh. Dear.

Toddler with hands over face

Properly posh

Someone else suggested the surprisingly darling Tiggy and with good reason, it turns out. #ProperPosh

“There was a documentary on last night about the artist Tacita Dean her brother is called Ptolemy and her sister is called Antigone but gets called Tiggy for short. Those are the sort of names you can only pull off if you are properly posh.”

And really, what child wouldn’t want to have a name like Tiggy in the playground, I ask you?!


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