Millennials are naming their babies after some delicious things

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BabyCenter has released their list of the most popular baby names, and divulged a little more about names that are coming more and more into favour.

A few of our favourite things

They’re telling us that mums and dads are looking for inspiration very close to home, choosing familiar words that roll off the tongue or names that remind them of their favourite things.

“Parents are inspired by the things they love as well as the sound of a name,” says Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience and Global Editor in Chief. “In the past, we’d look to the Bible or royalty for name inspiration. Today’s parents turn to other sources.”

Those sources Linda’s talking about appear more and more to be places like the local market, deli or favourite cookbook. In fact, BabyCenter says that the crunchy eaters of Instagram appear to be informing the names some parents choose for their kiddos. Wait, what? It’s truuuueeee!

“As fast food and processed snacks lose ground to clean eating and Paleo diets, more Gen Z and Millennial parents are choosing baby names that reflect their love of healthy foods.”

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Delicious up-and-comers

What kinds of nutritious foodie names are the cool kids getting we hear you wondering? Well, let us enlighten you …

  • Kale – this name is up 35 percent on last year BabyCenter tell us
  • Kiwi – there are 40 percent more kids called Kiwi in 2018
  • Maple – this one’s up 32 percent
  • Clementine – there are 15 percent more Clementines in 2018
  • Saffron – this one’s up 31 percent for usage this year
  • Rosemary – BabyCenter tells us that there are 20 percent more Rosemarys this year and
  • Sage – apparently up 15 percent.

They’re actually pretty nice names, right?! Granted we’re not super sure about Kiwi, but the rest make perfect sense and we’re pleased to see them doing well. 

“Kale! It’s time for dinner!!” #LOL


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