Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington share their second baby’s speedy name

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Lara Worthington (nee Bingle) has spilled the beans on her 5-month-old son’s name, apparently schooling Harper’s Bazaar Editor-in-Chief Kelly Hush in its correct spelling (and other things!)

Name reveal

An exclusive interview with Lara is due out on Monday, but news of baby number two’s unusual name leaked earlier today.

The couple have dubbed their second child Racer, a matching “R” moniker to their 2-year-old son, Rocket. Bingle has previously explained that Rocket was named in honour of his maternal grandfather.

“My son’s middle name IS a respectful nod to my late father, whose nickname was affectionately, Zot.”

It’s not known what significance the name Racer has for the pair, as yet.

Avoiding scrutiny

The now New York based Lara says she’s not in any hurry to return to Australia, after years of being hounded by the press.

“To be honest, I do come back to Australia and get a bit of anxiety. I know I grew up being in the media constantly, but now, living in New York, you can just go about your day, and I’ve kind of let my guard down. I feel like living away has made me softer, and being able to raise the boys over here, I haven’t had as much scrutiny as I probably would back home,” Lara told Harper’s, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Privacy first

It must feel pretty terrible to have a profile that sparks a retreat from your own home turf, but it’s obvious that Lara needed some far-flung freedom to grow into herself.

Lara and Sam are wisely super protective of their children’s privacy, releasing very few identifying images of them on social media. Back in 2014, they also scrubbed most evidence of their relationship from Instagram and Facebook in a push to lead a more low-key life with their kids.

Sam has spoken openly about protecting his kids as an absolute priority.

“I am a very protective man, especially with my loved ones so now I’m a parent I think I just got a little bit more protective,” he said.

This little nugget of info about Racer’s name is obviously a rare glimpse into Worthington family life.


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