60 beautiful Scandinavian inspired baby names

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Everything Scandinavian is so on trend these days and baby names are no exception.

From modern, minimalist decor focused on functionality and natural materials through to distinct fashion styles and makeup – the Scandinavian style is simple and beautiful.

We’ve found 60 stunning Scandinavian baby names and their meanings to get you started.

If you are after a name that is not only a little unique but has a powerful meaning, then these Scandinavian names for boys and girls will likely make it onto your shortlist.

Some of the meanings are so moving, they give the name a real strength and evoke images of the type of noble warrior a baby given such a name could grow to become.


  1. Aksel: Father of peace
  2. Bjorn: Bear
  3. Dirk: Ruler of the people
  4. Fredrik: Peaceful ruler
  5. Hakon: Chosen son
  6. Amund: Protector
  7. Gunnar: Battle warrior
  8. Erik: Eternal ruler
  9. Peder: Rock
  10. Greger: Vigilant watchman
  11. Gerold: Mighty with a spear
  12. Anders: Manly
  13. Sten: Stone
  14. Anton: Priceless, inestimable or praiseworthy
  15. Ivar: Archer’s bow
  16. Lennart: Brave as a lion
  17. Konstantin: Resolute
  18. Tait: Cheerful
  19. Jarl: Nobleman
  20. Soren: Thunder
  21. Oskar: Spear of the Gods
  22. Niklaas: Victory of the people
  23. Olaf: Ancestor
  24. Rolf: Famous Wolf
  25. Von: Hope
  26. Rune: Secret lore
  27. Ulf: Wolf
  28. Kennet: Handsome
  29. Leif: Love
  30. Marten: War like


  1. Liv: Life
  2. Agneta: Pure
  3. Annika: Gracious
  4. Ingrid: Beautiful or fair
  5. Kelda: A spring
  6. Carina: Pure
  7. Margareta: Pearl
  8. Elsa: God is my oath
  9. Beatrix: She who brings happiness
  10. Gerda: Guarded
  11. Sanna: Truth
  12. Audny: Prosperity
  13. Ran: Destroyer
  14. Sigrid: Beautiful victory
  15. Matilde: Mighty battle maiden
  16. Ulla: Determined
  17. Janna: God is gracious
  18. Ragna: Advice
  19. Asta: Love
  20. Ingur: Fortress
  21. Tora: Thunder
  22. Petrine: Rock
  23. Synnove: Gift of the sun
  24. Viveca: Fortress
  25. Hulda: Endearing or loving
  26. Rebekka: Bound
  27. Erika: Eternal ruler
  28. Wilhelmina: Resolute protector
  29. Disa: Goddess
  30. Birgit: Strength

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