30 forgotten baby names you’ll want to add to your list

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Don’t want to add another Charlotte or Oliver (as lovely as those names are!) to the family? Think a little bit further outside the box and check out this list of less-used but also lovely names, instead!

Fresh names, freshly released!

When baby name site and moniker oracle Nameberry helpfully compared the list of names given to babies in the US with the list of names they had in their database, they found thousands of names on their records were just not being used by parents.

Luckily for parents who are after something a little more unique for their offspring, they’ve released the list for our naming pleasure, and we can have a bit of a go-over and see the good – and the weird – amongst them!

Here are some that we thought should not be languishing on this list (and scroll down for some that are a little more questionable!)

Less-popular girls’ names

  1. Bluebell – a flower name, notably used by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell for her baby
  2. Cia – derived from Cynthia 
  3. Franny – meaning “from France”
  4. Freesia – another lovely flower name
  5. Hester – meaning “star”
  6. Jessamy – meaning “jasmine flower”
  7. Jericho – a biblical place name
  8. Letitia – meaning “joy and gladness”
  9. Minette – meaning “faithful defender”
  10. Oberon – meaning “noble and bear-like”
  11. Ottoline – meaning “prospers in battle”
  12. Perdita –  meaning “lost”
  13. Tally – meaning “gentle dew from heaven”
  14. Venetia – inspired by an Italian city
  15. Winsome – meaning “agreeable and lighthearted” 

Less-popular boys’ names

  1. Auberon – means “noble and bear-like” (again!)
  2. Drummer – inspired by the musician, of course.
  3. Falconer – meaning “falcon trainer”
  4. Gulliver – inspired by literature (Gulliver’s Travels!)
  5. Kermit – meaning “free man”
  6. Moe – means “delivered”
  7. Mingus – a Scottish name, meaning “tenant of the manor”
  8. Nat – a shortened version of Nathaniel or Nathan
  9. Nicholson – meaning “son of Nicol”
  10. Roald – means “famous ruler”
  11. Spike – an American nickname
  12. Thoreau – a literary name inspired by Henry David Thoreau
  13. Tibor – means “sacred place”
  14. Umberto – meaning “renowned warrior”
  15. Whistler – means “one who whistles!”

Wait, what?!

Amidst the list there were some super-unique – some might say downright weird – names too. A few of the unusual girls names that made the unpopular list were – Bee, Calico, Puck, Whimsy, Christmas and Dancer.

For their male counterparts, how about Land, Beach, Trout, Bas, Pagan or Runyon? Okayyyyyy.

I guess they’re more nicknames and directives than cute names wouldn’t you say? Although I do quite like Bee… Trout, not so much!

Are any of these names on your list?!



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