30 of the coolest unisex names for your little guy … or girl

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Celebrities have started going wild for unisex names. There’s Kristen Bell with daughter Lincoln, Chris Hemsworth’s son Sasha, Blake Lively’s daughter James. and the name Sailor was snatched up by Liv Tyler for her son, and Kristin Cavallari for her daughter.

You can see why post-gender names are becoming popular. They have that perfect balance of sensible + interesting, but they also dodge traditional gender norms. While most names inevitably lean slightly towards one gender or the other, the question many parents are asking now is … boy or girl name? Who cares?

So here we go – some of the most popular unisex names on the circuit:

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10 short-but-sweet unisex names

Alex: Defending men. A strong name that is pretty evenly divided across both genders.

Drew: Strong and manly. Traditionally used as an alternative to ‘Andy’, and is now used for just as many girls as boys.  

Gray: Spelled either Gray or Grey, this colour name is becoming increasingly popular.

Jazz: A musical word name that could also work just as well as Jaz.

Jess: Although commonly known as a short form of Jessica, it’s also an unusual unisex choice.

Lane: A small roadway or path. Mostly known as a common surname, but a short, strong name for both genders.

Nico: People of victory. A fun name that is commonly heard in Italy and Spanish-speaking countries.

Rio: Place of the cherry blossoms. An evocative place name, Rio also happens to be one of Japan’s most popular girl’s names.

Sky: A bright and sunny nature name that works both ways.

Zion: Highest point. A weighty name of Hebrew origin that also sounds a bit like Ryan or Bryan.

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10 traditional-with-a-twist unisex names 

Alexis: Defender. An ancient saint’s name, that was originally male, but has also become firmly female.

Cameron: Crooked nose. A Scottish male surname that has staked a claim in both male and female camps.

Charlie: Free man. A fun, tomboyish name that is now frequently used for girls.

Dylan: Son of the sea. A poetic, Welsh name that evokes artists of the past like Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas.

Evan: The Lord is gracious.  A Welsh version of John, and also very popular in France.

Flynn: Son of the red-haired one. A beautifully strong name with Celtic roots.

Harper: Harp player. An interesting, trendy name with a musical flavour.

Jordan: Flowing down. A Hebrew name that was used for children who were baptised in the river Jordan.

Morgan: Sea circle. A strong, forceful name that is still very common for boys in Wales

Taylor: An occupational name that was a popular girls’ name in the 90s, but is now acceptably androgynous.

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10 little-bit-different unisex names 

Ellery: Island with elder trees. A rhythmical name with a whimsical meaning.

Justice: An aspirational, virtuous name that has historically been more common for girls.

Phoenix: Dark red. A pretty cool place name that also symbolises rebirth.

River: This gentle name is also one of the most popular nature names for girls and boys.

Scout: A character name from To Kill a Mockingbird, that is also an eccentric unisex choice.

Storm: Evocative, unusual, and possibly hinting at a wild child temperament.

Timber: A strong, wood-related name that would be popular among nature-loving parents.

True: An inspirational word name for both sexes.

Valentine: Strength, health. A romantic, sentimental Shakespearean name, that is, interestingly, quite common in France and Belgium.


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