20 stunning double-barrelled baby names that you’ll want to steal

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When one sweet name just isn’t special enough for your little one, why not adopt the Southern American tradition of giving baby a double-barrelled first name?

Whether it’s a case of both parents can’t agree on one name, or you both just love two names equally, the practise of giving bub two first names isn’t hugely popular in Australia but is definitely a source of inspiration for parents struggling to find a name (or two) fit for the tiny person about to enter their life.

You may find that a moniker that sounds mighty on its own can take on a whole new power when you add a little old hyphen and partner it with another.

Here are 20 stunning double-barrelled baby names for girls and boys to help you pick your own dynamic duo combo before the arrival of your bub.


You will likely have noticed that it is definitely more common to see hyphenated names for girls than it is for boys and we’re guessing it’s because there are so many super-sweet combinations. Rose is one of those beautiful, highly versatile names that look and sound good with just about any name and it makes a regular appearance in double-barrelled little girl name lists. We’ve restrained ourselves to two of our favourites but think it is only right to point out that it could work with many of the lovely names on this list.

  1. Amelia-Rose: ‘Work’ and ‘love and beauty’
  2. Ava-Grace: ‘Like a bird’ and ‘charm’
  3. Isla-Mae: ‘Island’ and ‘bitter’
  4. Laura-Beth: ‘Crowned with laurels’, a leaf symbolising victory in ancient Greek mythology, and ‘God is my vow’
  5. Lily-Ann: ‘Purity’ and ‘graceful’
  6. Katie-Belle: ‘Pure or virginal’ and ‘beauty’
  7. Ruby-Joy: ‘Precious gem’ and ‘cheerful’
  8. Sophia-Rose: ‘Wisdom’ and ‘love and beauty’
  9. Olivia-Faith: ‘Olive tree’ and ‘virtue’
  10. Indigo-Grace: ‘Indian dye’ and ‘divine virtue’



Finding the right moniker combination for a boy that juggles the look and sound with a special meaning can be tricky to get right. You will also likely have visions of baby cowboys but don’t give in so easily. There are lots of names that pair nicely together and give your little one a double-barrelled name that will fit him well. Here are ten combinations that we really love to help get you started.

  1. Jack-Wyatt: ‘God is gracious’ and ‘water’
  2. Beau-Alexander: ‘Handsome’ and ‘protector of mankind’
  3. Harvey-Dean: ‘Army warrior’ and ‘leader’
  4. John-Tyler: ‘God is gracious’ and ’tile layer’.
  5. James-Lee: ‘Supplanter’ and ‘meadow’
  6. Billy-Joe: ‘Desire’ and ‘he will enlarge’
  7. Michael-Kai: ‘Who is like God?’ and ‘earth’
  8. Archie-Ray: ‘True and bold’ and ‘royal’
  9. Taylor-George: ‘Tailor’ and ‘farmer’
  10. Aaron-Jay: ‘Enlightened ‘ and ‘victory’

Good luck naming your little one and know this – if you find the right hyphenated name you can spend the rest of your life telling your child that you loved them sooooo much you named them twice. Bonus! But expect eye rolls.



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