20 seventies-inspired names for your groovy baby

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There’s really nothing better than taking a step back in time, especially when it comes to finding an uncommon, yet charming baby name!

While we love an Olivia, Ruby, Noah or Max, it’s quite delicious to entertain reviving (or simply celebrating) some (currently) less-favoured names that were popular back in the day. 

These names are not only charming and currently sparingly used, they were also once top of the charts for babies in the seventies (in some parts!)

Hand holds Vintage photograph of child with hobby horse toy

20 seventies-inspired names for your groovy baby

Boy’s names

  1. Jeremiah: appointed by God
  2. Corey: from the hollow
  3. Shawn: God is gracious
  4. Lee: pasture or meadow
  5. Roy: red-haired
  6. Kyle: narrow piece of land
  7. Travis: toll-gate keeper
  8. Derrick: the people’s ruler
  9. Carl: free man
  10. Dustin: brave warrior

Girl’s names

  1. Pamela: all honey
  2. Kimberly: an English place name
  3. Crystal: a gem name
  4. Tonya: a variation of Tanya, derived from Tatiana
  5. Shelly: a variation of Michelle, Rachel or Rachelle
  6. Cindy: derived from the Greek name Cynthia meaning ‘woman from Kynthos’
  7. Tammy: derived from Tamara meaning ‘date palm tree’
  8. Lori: bay laurel
  9. Wendy: a literary name, from Peter Pan
  10. Tina: from Christina meaning ‘a Christian’

Do you fancy any of these old-school monikers for your own Groovy Baby?!


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