Megan Gale and Simon Kennedy: Baby name regret, sexism in the home and more

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Model and entrepreneur Megan Gale joins funny man Simon Kennedy to pick apart the stories and issues parents are tackling this week.

They join host Shevonne Hunt to pick apart the following topics:

  • #MyMum was a great trend, but what about #MumsNow?
  • When naming your baby after the Queen of Dragons ends up being a bad idea
  • Sexism in the home – how do you raise your kids to be equal?
  • Birthday parties – simple and sweet or big and bold?

Listen to Megan Gale and Simon Kennedy on The Parent Panel:

#MyMum is great, but what about #MumsNow? 

As the election heads into its final weeks, mums have become part of the conversation. After Bill Shorten mentioned his mother was the inspiration for his political career, the Tele published an article rubbishing his story.

It inspired a flurry of online comments under the hashtag MyMum – with people supporting Shorten with stories of their mothers and the opportunities they missed out on. This week on Babyology, Pip Lincolne wrote a piece that this is all very well, but what about #MumsNow? (article attached)  

What are mums struggling with today that politicians could help with? What would you like to see happening in this election to make life easier for mums today?  

Baby name regret

Even if you’ve been trying to avoid the Game of Thrones spoilers, chances are you know that Daenerys Targaryen has turned from a magnificent female heroine to being bad and mad. Apparently, Kahleesi (her Dothraki title) was very popular in the US

How did you choose your children’s names? Did you always know what you wanted? Have you heard any names in particular and thought – yeah, not a great choice?  

Do you speak to your son and daughter differently? 

This week on Feed Play LoveShevonne interviewed linguist Annabelle Lukin about the way we speak to our kids according to their gender.

She talked about the power of language to influence how our children think about their future.

Do you speak differently to your son and daughter? Have you thought about raising them so that they are on equal footing? Or do you think that they’ll be right, regardless of how you speak to them? 

What kind of birthday party-organiser are you?

Birthday parties can be a very stressful experience, even if you love doing them. So when it comes to throwing a birthday party, do you choose to go big, or keep it simple?


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