Kerri Sackville and Ryan Johnson: G-rated lions, collectable crazes and more

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Writer and author Kerri Sackville joins actor and actor Ryan Johnson from Doctor Doctor to talk about all things parenting, including why The Lion King lions are anatomically censored.

Other topics include:

  • If the latest collectable crazes are corrupting our kids
  • The value of human kindness (especially when you’re a parent)
  • The advice you wish you’d been told as a new parent
  • If having a child changed your sense of self

Listen to Kerri Sackville and Ryan Johnson on The Parent Panel:


Are collectables making our children materialistic? 

Coles has just released Little Shop 2 collectables and Woolworths has unleashed their own collectables craze with Lion King Ooshies.

We’ve spoken about these supermarket collectables before, and how bad for the environment they are. But now there’s a new concern.

According to a new opinion piece by Jessamey Ross in the Sydney Morning Herald, “…mini collectables are crack for kids not just for the short-term rush that comes from the initial score, but because of their power to cause long-term effects on children’s behaviour patterns, impacting who they are, who they will become and how they will shape the future of our world.” 

Is this particular type of toy collectable craze a ploy on the part of supermarkets to create more pester power in kids (and therefore more spending from parents)? Or is this just another type of collectable that we’ve all enjoyed from childhood (e.g. collecting playing cards, stickers smurfsTazos etc) 

Does human kindness still exist for parents? 

This week actress Olivia Wilde was assisted by strangers when her son had a meltdown in a restaurant. They asked if she needed help, and then carried her bags to her car while she looked after her son.

Olivia tweeted, “I’m so moved by this simple act of kindness. Their generosity profoundly affected my (and my kids’) reality that day. I can’t wait to do this for someone else. Humans are good. We can’t forget that.” 

We often hear about parents being judged in public, but let’s talk about human kindness. When has someone shown you kindness as a parent? Have you helped/supported other parents (ones you don’t know) in a time of crisis? How was it received? 

What do you wish someone had told you when you were a new parent?

We all know that the world before and after kids is vastly different. And while no one wants to add to the list of unwanted advice new parents get, sometimes there are things that can make a real difference. 

This week Shevonne wrote about her thoughts on this for BabyologyOne thing she wished she’d known was that parenting is a lifelong journey. You can’t possibly know what to do, or get everything right … no matter how many books you read. 

What piece of advice would you give to a new mum or dad, that you wish someone had told you before becoming a parent? 

Losing (or finding) your identity after kids

This week actress Hilary Duff spoke about becoming a mum at 24, and how she lost her identity a little bit.

Many new parents (particularly the stay-at-home carer) can feel this way after having children, they turn your world upside down. But sometimes having a child can also add to your sense of who you are. 

How did having a child add to or change your sense of self? 

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