Jacinta Tynan and Ryan Johnson: Good men, escaped baboons and parental nudity

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Sky News presenter and author Jacinta Tynan joins actor Ryan Johnson to share their parenting wisdom and fails with presenter Shevonne Hunt.

On this show they cover:

  • In the wake of the murder of Hannah Clarke and her children, do we need to abandon the myth of the “good man”?
  • A baboon escaped before his vasectomy, what parental responsibility would you run from?
  • Schoolyard friendships and fights: how would you deal with your child being mean?
  • Is parental nudity okay? And if it is, is there a time limit to hanging it all out?

Listen to Jacinta Tynan and Ryan Johnson on The Parent Panel:

Ending the myth of the “good man”

This week Toby Francis wrote an open letter about the need to end the myth of the good man. This was following the murder of a Brisbane mother, Hannah Clarke, and her three children by her estranged husband.

Following the incident, many reports came out about her husband being a “good man”. While this kind of reporting in itself is problematic, Toby is saying that good men can become violent too. Toby writes that it takes men to understand when they have a problem with anger and to do something about it. 

Do men (generally) have a problem identifying and expressing anger? How much responsibility does the media have when it comes to the portrayal of the people involved in these crimes? How do we bring up our boys so they have a healthier relationship with such big emotions (that can then become destructive)? 

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Hannah Clarke was a strong woman – in every sense of the word. All her friends will tell you that. For years Hannah endured hell because she fell in love with the wrong person…a monster who sexually, physically & financially abused her until in an extraordinary act of bravery, Hannah took herself & her 3 kids away to safety. Then to confirm her strength & in words of encouragement to other women suffering the same living hell, Hannah posted this on Instagram… “I am a strong woman. I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself nor will I ever let anyone mistreat me again. I don’t respond to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. I am a survivor not a victim. I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve. My girls will grow up being strong women who understand their worth.” Except now, Aayliyah 6 & Laianah 4, won’t. Nor will 3yo Trey grow up to be the strong man with love & respect in his heart that Hannah was fighting so hard to help him become. All that ended in a quiet Brisbane street on Wednesday, when their father, a murderer with pure evil in his veins & a jerry can full of petrol, set them and Hannah alight as she was taking her treasured kids to school. Hannah did everything she was told to do in her situation: told friends, reported him to police, turned to supportive family, took out AVO’s & most of all she shielded her children as much as she could. But this time it wasn’t enough. Like you, I am at a complete loss to comprehend this despicable tragedy. What I do know is that with all domestic violence, the pool of hurt runs deep & wide…from Hannah’s devastated family & friends, to the first responders, paramedics & neighbours in Camp Hill who witnessed it all and tried to help, to the children’s playmates whose parents have to explain why they will never see their little friends again. I weep for that loss of innocence. And to #DV sufferers everywhere – women & men – who may have been triggered by this event. To all of you, my heartfelt condolences & hope that you find the love & support you need right now & into the future. We know something is horribly broken…and it urgently needs fixing. #1800RESPECT #hannahclarke

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Running away from responsibility

This week three baboons ran riot in the Royal Prince Alfred hospital campus after escaping from their transport. The one male of the three was on his way to get a vasectomy. Apparently the vasectomy was on order to help the male chill out and go gracefully into old age.

You could say he was escaping his responsibilities to his troop … and in the process having a last hurrah before the final snip. 

What parental responsibility would you run away from and how would you do it? 

Parenting scenario: schoolyard friendships

Your child has been accused of being mean to another child, and their parent has come to tell you about it.  

How do you deal with their complaint? Do you take their word for it, ask your child what the situation was? When is it appropriate to stand up for your own child or to take responsibility for their actions? 

When do you stop getting nudie? 

Babyology writer Lana Hollowes is a total nudie. She recently wrote about how she feels comfortable being nude in front of her boys (aged 6 and 4), but her husband thinks that it’s time she stopped.  

Do you feel comfortable being nude in front of your kids, when is it okay and when is it no longer appropriate? 


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