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Sky News Presenter and author of Mother Zen Jacinta Tynan and actor Ryan Johnson join host Shevonne Hunt to talk about the news and gossip of the week.

The topics included in this cracker chat are:

  • Fifi Box and her choice to expand her family as a single mum
  • Your least enjoyable and your favourite thing to do with your kids
  • Whether Coles deserves applause or condemnation for their latest collectables campaign
  • The most precious thing your kid has ever given you

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Fifi Box’s growing family 

The big news in Fifi Box’s family is that she’s having another baby. Fifi’s first child, a little girl called Trixie, was conceived with Grant Kenny.

Now a single mum, Fifi decided she wanted a sibling for Trixie and went through IVF with an anonymous donor to have her baby. She’s making a choice that more and more women are making; wanting children and without a partner, they go it alone.

Do you have any friends who have chosen this path? How has it worked out for them? In an alternate universe where you have never met the father or mother of your children would you choose to have children on your own?

Most detested vs favourite things to do with children

Life with children is never a smooth ride. There are ups and downs. Things that bore you to tears (going to the park anyone?), doing homework readers … and then there are the things you love to do with them – cuddles in bed in the morning, sneaking in a cheeky lemon meringue tart on the weekend.

What are the things that you least like doing with your kids, and the things that fill you with joy?

Coles Stikeez

Coles has launched a new campaign to get kids to eat their vegetables. The Coles Fresh Stikeez is a collection of fruit and vegetable characters. There are 24 to collect, and you get a free character when you spend $30 at Coles.

There is also a rainbow chart, where kids get to mark off when they have eaten a colour on the rainbow. As the mother of a fussy eater, Shevonne sees the attraction. Anything to get her kid to eat more veggies has to be a good thing. Or does it? What about all that plastic? Coles has come under fire for yet another campaign aimed at kids using plastic (landfill) collectables. 

Is this campaign a good idea, and aimed at the right audience (getting kids to eat more veggies is commendable) or is Coles making another environmental blunder?

The best thing your kid has ever given you 

As soon as your child reaches a certain level of coordination, they start making you stuff. Scribbles on paper. Pasta necklaces. They can range from the super fugly to the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Attractiveness doesn’t always mean it rates top place in your heart. Sometimes the ugly things are your most precious.

What is the best thing your kid has ever given you, and why does it hold such a special place in your heart?


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