Chezzi Denyer and Cam Knight: Neat freaks, paparazzi, birth wars and more

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TV presenter and producer Chezzi Denyer and comedian Cam Knight join Parent Panel host Shevonne Hunt to give their thoughts and opinions on the topics of the week.

In this episode they discuss:

  • Whether having an organised and neat house is normal
  • If children should be out-of-bounds for the paparazzi
  • The best and worst things about your birthing experience
  • Is honesty always the best policy with kids?

Listen to Chezzi Denyer and Cam Knight on The Parent Panel:

The new trend of cupboard porn 

Kate Rowe is a self-confessed home organisation enthusiast. She joins a group of influencers who are followed for their meticulous homes.

You know the ones, where their pantry has matching Tupperware and everything is in its place.

According to an article in this week, her home always looks as it does on Instagram because she has a regimen that she sticks to. Rowe works four days a week and spends around two to four hours a day cleaning, tidying and organising. She says, “I think so long as you have some great organising systems set-up it doesn’t matter if you have children in the mix.”  

Is having a good organisation system the secret to maintaining a neat and orderly house, or was Kate born with some kind of super-gene that allows her to create the impossible? 

Children of celebrities and the paparazzi

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week, psychologist Dr Michael Carr Gregg said he is seeing more children of celebrities who are being hounded by the paparazzi. The article mentioned the harassment Cassandra Thorburn described online after her separation from husband Karl Stefanovic. Carr-Gregg said children are often bullied at school because their parents are high profile. Ben McDonald, CEO of photo agency Matrix Media, defended when the paparazzi take photos of kids by saying that they are only “feeding the demand”. 

Should children of celebrities be out-of-bounds of the paparazzi, or are they fair game if parents already post photos of them online?

When birth gets political 

The birthing landscape is political. There are “right” and “wrong” ways to birth, depending on who you speak to. A woman recently sued her doctor for birth trauma after a non-consensual forceps delivery. The question posed in the article was: what does it take to empower women in the birthing suite, and how much control should the medical fraternity have over their right to choose how they birth. 

What was your experience in the birthing suite? Were you happy with your level of care? What about after the birth? What would you change (if anything) to make it better? 

When is honesty the best policy? 

This week Nate Cooke, life coach at Gritboxx, was on Feed Play Love, talking about the importance of being honest. While he wasn’t against perpetuating the myth of Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, he said that it’s important to be honest about other things. Like when a family pet dies – he says not to replace the goldfish, but to use it as a chance to talk about the circle of life. Still, honesty and children can be a tricky line to hold. 

Do you believe that honesty is the best policy? When are you completely honest, and when do you tell little white lies? 


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