Beck Feiner and Mark Serrels: C-section parties, marriage success and baby bows

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Illustrator, Beck Feiner and Mark Serrels, Editorial Director of CNET, share their parenting wisdom and opinions with The Parent Panel host Shevonne Hunt.

In this episode they tackle:

  • Caesarean parties: where everyone gets to join in the fun
  • Things our kids love that we hate
  • Is living separately the secret to a happy marriage?
  • Are baby bows cute or not?

Listen to Beck Feiner and Mark Serrels on The Parent Panel:

Parties for c-sections

In the elite circles of Brazil, caesareans are seen as a status symbol, with the average rate of cesareans in Brazilian hospitals at 55.5 percent (with some private hospitals having as high as 84 percent). To put that in context, in Australia the rate is around 30 percent, and the World Health Organisation recommends a rate between 10-15 percent.

Now entrepreneurs in Brazil have seen an opening. Companies have sprung up to cater to c-sections, with packages including hair and makeup for the mum, catering for the hospital and sterilised balloons and decorations. 

If you’re going to have a c-section, why not make it a party?  What could possibly go wrong?

Things kids love that parents hate

Once upon a time In The Night Garden filled parents everywhere with horror. Some parents hate time in the park, others can’t stand plastic toys. One mum can’t stand the way her kids dress in the cold.

What does your child love, or love to do, that you would do anything to avoid? 

Separate living arrangements

Gwyneth Paltrow has spilt the beans on her recent marriage to Brad Falchuk. Apparently, they live in separate houses. It was a move recommended by Gwyneth’s ‘intimacy’ teacher. 

Would living separately help your relationship? If not living separately, what arrangement do you think would be good for you both? 

Baby bows – yay or nay? 

It’s a controversial topic that divides the Babyology office. Should bald baby girls be wearing headbands? What other crimes against babies in the name of so-called ‘fashion’ do you condemn?


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