Beck Feiner and Gary Eck: Fundraising debacles, baby fight clubs and more

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Graphic designer and children’s book author Beck Feiner joins comedian Gary Eck to share their insight and parenting wisdom on the events and news of the week.

In this episode of The Parent Panel that includes:

  • How good are you at fundraising for your kid’s daycare or school?
  • What kind of parent is welcome in your tribe?
  • How do you decide the size of your family?
  • Managing tired kids at the end of the year

Listen to Beck Feiner and Gary Eck on The Parent Panel:

How good are your fundraising skills? 

It’s that time of year where fundraisers are having their last hurrah. A colour run here, a Christmas dinner there. But sometimes fundraising feels like it’s the straw that will break the camel’s back.

What are you like with fundraising for your kid’s daycare/school? Do you volunteer? Do you go door to door with your child, make them raise the money themselves, or do you chuck in money yourself and get your parents to contribute? How much fundraising is enough, or do schools go overboard? 

Who makes it into your parenting tribe? 

We are all relieved to discover that Duchess Megan has found her parenting tribe.

While we love our friends who don’t have kids, there’s nothing quite like the solidarity of other parents going through the same thing as you. You can find your parent tribe through your mother’s group, preschool, primary school or through different activities that involve your children. But there’s always something special that makes them your kind of parent. 

Where did you find your favourite parenting tribespeople, and what is it about them that makes them your favourite people? 

How did you decide the size of your family? 

A woman wrote to The Guardian this week asking whether or not she and her husband should have another child so their son would have a sibling. Her son is one, she’s tired and wants time back with her husband.

Friends are telling her it’s selfish not to have another child, but she’s not sure having a child so her son has a sibling is a strong enough reason to have another child. 

How did you decide the size of your family? Would you have liked more?  

Getting to the end of the year with tired children

For children in primary school, it’s Term Four … for the rest of us, it’s getting to the end of a long year of stressful and chaotic drop-offs. Many kids are starting to feel the end of the year ‘tireds’.  

Are you experiencing this with your kids? How do you get kids motivated to get out of the house, and go to daycare or school when the end is so near (and they’re so over it)? 


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