Beck Feiner and Cam Knight: Parental regrets, veggies, homework help and more

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Picture book illustrator Beck Feiner and comedian Cam Knight share their insights and parenting experiences with The Parent Panel,  host Shevonne Hunt.

On this show they tackle:

  • Your “what was I thinking?!!” moment that involved your children
  • How you get your kids to eat their veggies
  • Should parents help their kids with homework?
  • When parents go DIY and it turns out well (or badly)

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What was I thinking? 

This week TV personality and fitness instructor Michelle Bridges was charged with DUI after she was caught on Australia Day with her son in the back seat. Michelle was visibly distressed when she appeared in court this week, and has said that “the consequences of these actions will haunt me forever.” 

Without condoning Michelle’s behaviour, it’s fair to say that we have all done things we later regret. Taking the leap from serious to light-hearted – when have you done something with your children and later realised it was a complete brain snap? 

How do you get your kids to eat veggies? 

Cressida Miller is determined to bring her kids up as vegetarians. She’s written about it in the Sydney Morning Herald this week. Many parents would do anything to get their kids to eat veggies, forget only eating veggies.

One Babyology colleague has started doing “health snack Olympics”. The children have challenges like laps of the trampoline then coming back to eat broccoli.  Other parents will not give children desert if they don’t eat their vegetables.

Have you done anything strange to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Do you have any rules around how they eat at the table? 

How much should you help your kid with homework? 

Darren Levin has a question: when does ‘helping’ become ‘doing’ when it comes to homework? He wrote about this conundrum this week, after getting carried away helping his daughter with a writing assignment.  

Do you help your kids with their homework? Where is the line in the sand? Are there parents at your school that you think take it too far? 

When have you brought out the creative big guns for your kids? 

Constance Hall has posted about her husband’s DIY for their kids on Instagram. Denim took a spa bath and put it in their backyard. The water drains out into the garden: Voila! A cheap and easy alternative to a pool. 

When have you (or your partner) made something creative/ special for your kids?

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I have always wanted a pool but the older I got the more self aware I became of my own limitations… apparently they are hard work.. And this house has a small block, we have a pond full of fish here with a beautiful water feature and the sound of that is so relaxing, but I still wanted something I could hop in. A spa! I thought. But Denim convinced me that Spa’s get rank really easily and then there is the whole testing of chlorine and bla bla bla it all sounded way to scientific for me. I’m fact most Spa’s look like sperm refuges once you know what’s take place in them. So I started saving up for One. People had told me to expect a huge expense but Denz kept telling me he could do it cheap and finally I caved, let go of control and let my chippy husband take the reigns. This is what he created, all completely on his own. And the amnesty part? The price!!! The second bath was $100 The timber for the deck was $150 The pipes were $50 The joins to connect the pipes to the taps were $40 The taps we splashed out on and spent $140 Stain for the timber $50 The entire thing has set me back $530 And the drain is emptied onto our garden!!! So proud of my husband and bath time just got so much more fun 💜💜💜 Not a plumber, just a clever bastard 💜

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