Annaliese Dent and Merrick Watts: RDOs for kids, parenting advice and Christmas

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Writer and podcaster Annaliese Dent and comedian Merrick Watts try out their parenting chops on the events and news of the week.

In this episode they cover:

  • The thing you would be least qualified to teach at school
  • Mental health days for kids
  • Where you get your parenting advice from
  • Christmas preparations (are you ready?)

Listen to Annaliese Dent and Merrick Watts on The Parent Panel:

What subject would you be least qualified to teach?

Fingers are being pointed following the results of The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) that show just over half of NSW students have more than ‘elementary skills’ when it comes to maths.

One of the fingers is being pointed at the education department after it was discovered that three-quarters of Yr 7 – 10 students were taught maths for a year by a teacher not trained in the subject. 

What subject would you be totally inept at teaching should you be required to step up and fill the gap? What was your best subject at school, why do you think you excelled at it? 

Where do you get your parenting advice? 

This week the Philidelphia Inquirer wrote about the conflicting advice parents can find online and in books. These days there is more advice than ever before, and the standard of “good parenting” – if you go by those books and forums – is exceptionally high. This can often lead to confusion, guilt and misguided parenting choices. 

Where do you get your parenting advice? Do you ever find it on forums? Is there one place you have found better than others? 

Mental health day for children

Mornings at this time of the year can be filled with tantrums about silly things.

Kids are tired and falling apart. Could the answer be a mental health day? Lana Hallowes from Babyology wrote about giving her son a mental health day. It turns out to be quite a common thing, one that is sometimes supported by teachers.

Do you give your kids mental health days from school/ daycare? Would you consider doing it? 

How prepped are you for Christmas?

Presenter Shevonne Hunt has been known to start prepping for Christmas in October. But not everyone is so keen. Some people are last-minute shoppers, others have the decorations up on December 1.

How ready are you for Christmas? Do you get ready early or do a last-minute dash-about-town? 


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