The Parent Panel: Lunchbox jealousy, OTT parties, sibling fights and more

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Anita Birges of Mise-En-Place and comedian-turned-marriage celebrant Chris North join Shevonne to give their spin on the news and gossip of the week.

In this episode the trio take on:

  • The madness of modern lunch boxes
  • Bec Judd and the case of the “extravagant” 5th birthday party
  • The strangest things siblings fight about
  • The best family holiday ever, in the history of human/your own family’s existence

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Lunch box wars

School and day care are all back and in full swing for 2019 which means everybody everywhere is groaning about having to pack lunch boxes.

These days there are a plethora of lunch boxes on the market – including Bento-style lunch boxes so you can pack nutritious treats in different segments, without any wrapping. There are lots of cook books out there on how you can cook nutritious snacks from scratch. For most of us, our own school lunches left a LOT to be desired. How does your school lunch compare to the school lunches you pack for your kids today? Do you excel your own parents efforts or have you let the team down in terms of “instagramable” lunch boxes?

Bec Judd and the 5th birthday party

Rebecca Judd posted photos of her daughter’s LOL-themed fifth birthday party to Instagram. There was a cake, lots of LOL dolls in a basket and inflatables all around the theme. What looked on the surface like an adorable party for her daughter had people incense online.


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Party time. LOL Doll much? ??

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Some said it was way too extravagant for a five year old. Anita and Chris have VERY different opinions on this topic. Do you think that the party was too much? Or are the naysayers party poopers?

Fighting siblings

Fighting goes with siblings like a ducks to water. But sometimes they fight over the weirdest things. Shevonne’s kids have fought over who gets their hair brushed first, if one points a seat belt at the other, or whether a colour is red or orange.  What are the strangest things your children have fought about?

The best family holiday ever

It’s true that we’ve only just said farewell to the summer holidays, but what better way to escape the hum-drum of back-to-school/work than by planning the next holiday! The panel reveal their favourite family holiday destinations, and what makes a family holiday great.

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