Women show the way to survive an uncertain future

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The book Untold Resilience: Stories of courage, survival and love from women who have gone before was conceived in a pool of tears on the bathroom floor of a Melbourne home. Jamila Rizvi, Editor-At-Large of Future Women, was dealing with challenging health problems, lockdown and parenting in a small space when she hid in the bathroom for some respite. She thought of her grandmother, and wished she was still here to give her some advice on how to handle these unsettling times.

Later she and the Managing Director of Future Women, Helen McCabe spoke more about the untold histories of women, and how they had a wealth of knowledge and experience when it came to surviving challenging and uncertain periods. Untold Resilience became a series of short stories – many that had never been told before – that offer us hope and inspiration.

Helen McCabe talks about her own inspiring grandmother, and what she’s learnt from listening to so many different stories of resilience.

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