Helpline: Troublesome toddlers, one-year sleep challenges and more

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The truth of being a parent is that every child or baby is different, just like every parent is different. This means that finding the answer for your particular challenge can be difficult. That’s why we started Helpline, a place you can come and ask an expert questions, and get answers tailored to your family and child.

In this episode baby sleep expert Jo Ryan helps parents navigate the following scenarios:

  • A 12-month-old waking at night and not resettling
  • A nearly three-year-old who has regressed with their toilet training
  • A three-year-old throwing tantrums
  • A three-year-old who is getting very frustrated
  • A three-month-old who is only sleeping for three hours straight
  • Whether a 19-month-old standing and weeing in the bath means they are ready for toilet training
  • A seven-month-old who needs to be held to sleep
  • A one-year-old who is still breastfeeding at night

Listen to Jo Ryan on Feed Play Love:


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